PRACTICE – Breast Massage

Lesson 12 Chapter 2 Module 2

“The ancient Taoists called the breasts Bells of Love… (They) are the gateway to the female orgasm”

 Minke de Vos

One of the best ways to prepare yourself and your pussy for the jade egg is to use the breast massage. Within Minke De Vos’ book “Tao Tantric Arts for Women”, there are several variations of this massage available to try.  I have included an audio in this course of just one of my favourite breast massages, and we will use it often as a part of our warm up.

The Taoists claimed that a woman’s breasts are connected to her heart channel. And, as such, to massage them and to pour loving attention on them, is a sure fire way to increase happiness and turn on in your own body. I can personally attest to this – I use the breast massage probably more frequently than any other practice I have because it is so quick, so nurturing and so effective. Plus, I always give this exercise to my clients to use and frequently receive such positive feedback.

Not only does a breast massage replenish a feeling of heartfelt nourishment and heart centred connection then, but it also produces the love hormone oxytocin. In this age of constant adrenalin fuelled lifestyle, what’s not to love about having a simple technique up your sleeve? Within minutes you can drench your system with oxytocin, as opposed to cortisol or adrenalin. It’s really powerful to have such a bio hack available.

Also, according to Taoist tantra, a woman’s breasts are the positive pole to the negative pole of her vagina. So in other words, the two are intimately connected, and you cannot hope to wake up the yoni without first opening and activating the heart area! It’s very easy to awaken your sexual energy with a breast massage too, and so this energy can also be directed down to your pussy to help increase turn on and natural receptivity for the egg.

  • Breast massage simply and naturally cultivates love
  • particularly self-love and acceptance, which is the foundation for
  • working with feminine and sexual energy
  • Improves circulation, breaks up stagnation, and liberates
  • suppressed emotion
  • The breasts are connected to the endocrine glands and produce
  • hormones when stimulated, including prolactin and oxytocin
  • that make you feel relaxed, calm and connected
  • Taoist and Tantric wisdom hold that a woman’s breasts and
  • heart are her “positive pole” that must be opened in order to
  • experience love and deep sexual pleasure. So women should
  • cultivate loving energy in the heart and breasts and then bring it
  • down to the sexual center (her “negative pole”). When opened
  • with love, the heart and sexual center become soft and
  • receptive.
  • Helps to integrate love with sexual energy, so your sexuality
  • Becomes a force for healing, connection, pleasure, spiritual
  • practice, or whatever else you may like to use it for!

Breast Massage Audio Practice

The ancient Taoists believed that a woman's breasts were intimately connected with her heart energy. This easy and quick practice is a personal favourite. A way to boost oxytocin and hormonal health and to increase your well being in a matter of minutes.