An Introduction to Sexual Energetics and the Jade Egg

Lesson 22 Chapter 1 Module 4

Filling Up on Pleasure

The benefits to using a jade egg are multi-faceted. Last week we concentrated on cleansing and releasing. Next week we will begin to take a look at the actual physiological benefits and changes that a regular practice can bring about.

This week, we will be concentrating on the energetic components of a jade egg practice. The energy and healing of pleasure.

One of the beautiful parts of a jade egg practice is its capacity to help generate sexual turn on and orgasmic energy, and make it available for you to amplify your power, radiance and vitality in the world. You get to empty out, and you get to choose what to replace it with. And what better to fill the void with than orgasmic sexual energy?

Using Pleasure to Raise Energy

The jade egg is an incredible way to generate and raise this natural female energy that lives inside of our bodies.

Sometimes, I like to just insert the egg and let the energy grow as I rest absorbed in stillness. I recommend this to anyone who experiences numbness or who struggles to feel the jade egg inside. Particularly if you are the kind of woman who wants to push your practice, or make it harder or faster in order to create results. Some of my absolutely most divine moments with the jade egg have been stopping, and allowing the energy and sensation to build within me. It can feel like nothing for ages, and then suddenly I begin to feel the energy generating around the egg itself. Like a small furnace that starts to heat up my pussy. Delicious.

Opening Up Orgasmic Potential

The jade egg is a great way to contact and begin to feel the high pleasure spots within your yoni too.

In particular, it can be used to open up sensation and pleasure in the G-Spot and the cervix – and of course both these areas are capable of climax. If one of your desires is to experience stronger climax, or to even feel climax at all, then the jade egg is a great way of experimenting with this.

With regular de-armoring practice, you may also find that these pleasure spots become more accessible to you. You basically start to feel more.

Using Energy With Intention

Sexual energy is intensely purifying. And we explored some of the possibilities for this in the Deep Cleansing module. But let’s explore for a moment why this might be so.

The Somatic Nature of Healing

If we understand anything about the somatic nature of healing, or look into any of the research around the efficacy of these kind of therapeutic models - from body-based psychotherapies, through to trauma release modalities - then we tend to concur that old energies and emotions and belief systems live just as much within our physical bodies as within our minds. (Obviously, there is a wealth of such content on the internet – with Dr Gabor Mate being one of the most widely known proponents of the reality of the body mind connection.)

Naturally, as human beings intent on survival and on avoiding the painful realities of life, we tend to find ways to dissociate from these deeply harbored painful places.

The result? Illness. Dissociation from your body. Sexual numbness. A sense of your life passing you by without any of the real, tangible results that you were looking for. (You tend to blame bad luck and continual misfortune if this is your way of viewing the world.)

Any holistic approach to healing on the other hand, will demonstrate to you that through the possibility of re-empowering yourself, you can begin to create and experience a life you love and desire. A life that actually serves you. And often, the most powerful route to actually accessing that which is blocking you from making changes, is shown to reside deep within the unconscious and to be made manifest through your physical, mental and energetic bodies.

Sexual Energy as Powerful Embodiment

What more powerful way to get you connected again with your inner, physical reality than your sexuality then?

Of course there are many routes into the body and into the unconscious. But sexual experience is possibly the most powerful.

Sexuality is a way to feel. It is the most powerfully sensate experience we have as human beings and, as such, it provides us with a magnificent opportunity to reconnect and to begin a relationship with our inner world once more. Moreover, it is a form of surrender. A pleasure prayer. And within these realms the subconscious can feel free to run wild and revel in your capacity to contact yourself again. You can begin to traverse the depths of yourself.

Releasing Blocks and Creating Intention

Of course, it’s not actually up to you what comes up into your energetic field for release. Sometimes it can even be shocking what manifests – like, how was THAT even in there?! The best you can hope to achieve as you use your sexual energy to free up old blocks and feel them to release and integrate them, is to maintain a steady and self-loving presence. It takes a lot to allow ourselves to be fully human. This is the path.

You CAN on the other hand set your intentions for the future. You DO get to think about what your heart desires and create that intention for yourself and your life.

It’s not a selfish thing to live your life fuelled by desire. Its actually a radical path of the heart to do so. And certainly, in my experience, I have found that my truest and most heartfelt desires and often accompanied by deep pain. By the places and core beliefs inside me that do not belief that such a reality is possible for me. That dictate that I actually cannot have my dreams. In a weird way my subconscious believes it is safer for me that way.

In spite of the resistance though,  pleasurable energy is what this module is all about. Opening to it. Allowing it. Letting it move within you. Having it broker your ultimate trust and surrender to the good of the Universe.

Deep. Delicious. Transformative. Enjoy.

Using Your Sex as Creative Fuel

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