Pleasure Practices, Warm Ups and Foundationals – an Overview

Lesson 9 Chapter 1 Module 2

“According to Taoism, the Tao, sometimes called “The Way”, is the underlying creative and sustaining force of the universe. Taoist practices seek to balance and integrate the different parts of our being, especially mind, heart, sex and spirit… and to harmonize life-force energy (chi) and sexual energy (jing-chi). The cultivation and harnessing of these energies are used to support health, well-being, connection, pleasure, increased energy, and spiritual practice, amongst other things.”

Hilary Kimball, Jade Egg teacher

Pleasure Practices, Warm Ups and Foundationals

The jade egg is part of a system, or a whole plethora of exercises, aimed at both opening your body to receiving the jade egg practice, and also at improving overall well being from within the Chinese Taoist tradition. In China it is still believed today, that the stronger our systems and health, the greater our range of sexual pleasure and experience. This means that energy improving and vitality boosting practices are an alive and vibrant part of this sexual tradition, and it is important that we include some of them here for you to get the chance to experience this.

As mentioned in your course introduction, I have created 3 sections of practice material. So each exercise you get within this course will fall inside of one of these categories as follows:

  • Pleasure Warm Ups and Foundational Practices
  • Jade Egg Practices
  • Grounding and Balancing Practices

In this sheet, we will look at some of the Pleasure Warm Ups and Foundational exercises that we are going to use. They are a mixture of effective ways to open your sexuality and turn yourself on, and of foundational Chinese energy exercises aimed at supporting your health and vitality, as a vital accompaniment to the jade egg exercises. 

Audio Resources 

Remember, all these practices have an audio accompaniment for you to use for self-practice, and you will find them throughout the course.

The Exercises

Pleasure Warm Ups and Foundational Exercises in this course are:

  • Inner Smile Meditation
  • Breast Massage
  • Ovarian Breathing
  • Micro Cosmic Orbit
  • Pussy De-Armoring