Lesson 4 Chapter 1 Module 1

How Often Should I Practice?

I have made some recommendations for you in the previous lesson. However, ultimately, It’s totally up to you. 

For me personally, if I have a really deep jade egg session I may not want another one for a week. Alternatively, I may find that just touching in for 10 minutes every day keeps me connected to my pussy and the vibrancy of my sexual energy.

 Experiment and listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard.

How Long Are The Practice Sessions?

One of the jade egg practice audios in this course will take 60 - 90 mins. But as mentioned previously, you may also choose to do about 20 mins x 2 – 3 times weekly with the basic jade egg or other foundational audios that are found in the next chapter of this introductory module . It’s a question of finding what suits.

Can I Keep It In As I Walk Around?

You could, but you don’t really want to keep the jade egg in for hours and hours.

Can I Sleep With It In?

I tend to recommend that you don’t sleep with it in – basically down to the duration.

Is It Okay To Do With Pelvic Pain?

Yes. A regular jade egg practice can be extremely helpful with pelvic pain. It strengthens AND relaxes the muscles, increases blood flow to the area and associates pleasure with your pelvic region too.

It’s important to go extra slowly if you experience regular tightness or pain however. Really listen to your pussy’s “yes” or “no” and follow her rules and callings about how and when to use your egg.

If you begin to forge a new relationship with your pelvic area like this, any somatic disturbances like pain or tension can improve dramatically.

How Do I Insert a Jade Egg?

Don’t worry. In the next module we will take a lot of time learning and experimenting with jade egg insertion. It’s something better practiced than described here in words.

How do I String An Egg?

Again, Module 2 will cover this.

What If I Lose It Inside Me?

Firstly, it’s physically impossible to actually lose the egg inside you. This is because your vaginal canal ends at the cervix, and the cervix is a small opening to the uterus. Your egg could never pass through this gap.

The worst that might happen (and this is rare – I have never experienced it for example) is that the string breaks off. If this happens, just relax and go into a squatting position and practice “laying the egg”.

Or you may wish to insert your fingers and pull it out manually.

The jade egg cannot do you any internal harm and cannot pass up into the body any further than it is as long as it is in the vaginal canal.

What Kind Of Oil Do I Need?

What oil do you prefer?! Choose something natural and un-perfumed like jojoba, hemp, coconut or almond.

Can I Use It Anally?

Nope. You don’t have a cervix in the anus so the little egg could get lost up there.

What About Obsidian Or Rose Quartz?

Other types of eggs are also extremely popular – you may have seen them on the internet.

Obsidian is well known and is said to absorb negative energies from your system. It’s therefore a great crystal to use during the cleansing practices. It’s also commonly used at new moon as a way to “release” stagnation.

Rose quartz is another common egg material. Used predominately during the full moon to increase well being and pleasure.

However, jade is the least porous crystal and therefore the most hygienic. It absorbs less and cleans easier. It is also said to be a harmonious balance between masculine and feminine energies and so it is the perfect balancing stone for your pussy.

How Do I Know Which Size?

Jade egg exercises will strengthen your pelvic floor quickly. So even if your vaginal canal has been stretched through childbirth and lost much of it’s tone, you should find within a few weeks of practice that a medium sized egg will work for you.

However, if you find that you cannot stand up and keep a medium sized egg in then best start with the larger size until your muscle health improves.

A small egg is for advanced practitioners who find the weightlifting practices with a medium size too easy.

For most women, the medium sized jade egg is perfect.

Will It Hurt?

No it should not hurt.

Of course, if you are working with releasing pelvic pain then you can expect that pain to show up. But we are working with this kind of pain in a slow, integrated and friendly way. We would never be trying to intensify it in any way.

Your internal muscles can feel a little achy or sore afterwards. Much the same as very mild period pain. But this is completely normal and a sign that the muscles have had the workout we wanted. It’s nothing to worry about and any soreness should disappear in a day or two.

Can I Do It On My Period?

It’s not recommended. Regular jade egg practice can really help with intensity of flow and period pain however. It is also thought to play a role in hormone balancing.

Can I Do It Pregnant?

You can do it if you are trying to conceive but not if you are actually pregnant.

Can I Do It With a Yeast Infection or STD?

The jade egg is an interesting practice because, if done regularly, it can help abate symptoms of poor pussy health or inner ecology.

However, you would not want to actually insert the egg during an acute exacerbation as basically the egg practice will increase heat and wetness to the vagina – conditions you want to avoid as they will increase the infection rate in a live situation.

Will It Affect My Birth Control?

It won’t affect the pill. But if you have an IUD it is not recommended to do the vaginal weight lifting practices with the jade egg.