The Deep Cleansing Effects of a Jade Egg Practice

Lesson 14 Chapter 1 Module 3

This week’s practice is all about letting go. Cleansing, releasing and de- armoring the pussy. What an incredible opportunity we have here to get in touch with and release old patterns of tension. Traumas both emotional and physical.

The Healing Dynamics of a Jade Egg Practice

One of the more surprising aspects of a jade egg practice to some people is how cleansing and healing the practice can be.

We already discussed in the introduction section how sexual energy is a natural purifier, and how deeply held stories and experiences can resurface as a part of regular practice.

I know from personal experience how much tension can be held in the yoni. From perineum right through to the cervix – lots of jade egg work and pussy de-armoring has had me feel deep pockets of physical pain and stress that I have been hitherto unaware I was even carrying. Honestly, it just feels good to connect with these tension points and to release them into pleasure, to help them melt away. There’s just a knowing in my body that this is good for me.

Furthermore – the more I release these patterns of deep holding, the more orgasmic power and sheer sensate pleasure I have available to me. Cleansing is a really important and beautiful part of this practice.

But it’s not just about improved levels of pleasure – though that’s a result good enough in itself. The Chinese also mapped out a whole system of healing that literally helps to cleanse and restore vitality and well being from jade egg use.

Crystal Healing Properties of Jade

Firstly, the jade itself is said to have healing properties. The healing stone jade “nephrite” comes from the Greek “nephros”, which means kidney, with reference to its efficacy in treating kidney disease. Nephrite jade radiates far- infrared rays, which bring beneficial effects on the human body – especially the skin, blood circulation and overall cellular revitalization. The healing effects on jade have in fact been scientifically documented.

It’s a very tough and durable gemstone that will last you years, and is the original Taoist gemstone because it is thought to hold both masculine and feminine polarities of energy (ying and yang) in equal balance. Indeed, the Taoists also believed that jade was good at healing spleen and liver and heart complaints too.

Inner Reflexology

There is also a system of healing points within the vaginal canal that has been mapped out. The Chinese say there are reflexology points within the vagina that correlate to different organs of the body – so any releasing work we do internally also helps our health overall in a holistic fashion.

We can use the jade egg to work with and clear releases in these points in the same way as we can work with the reflexology points on our feet, or our meridian and energy points in other parts of our bodies.

The Chinese system of healing is so incredible, and it amazes me to see such a complex system of energy healing also translates to our genitals. Even more incredible, the reflexology points found within the vagina correlate exactly with the same points on a man’s penis when he is fully inside of you. Wow.

Before we look at each of the zones though, it’s important to remember that every woman is different internally, and the following is meant as a guide. Mostly, if this interests you, I suggest that you go by feel and intuition as you progress along the zones.


About an inch within the vaginal canal. As kidneys oversee fear, this area is connected to fear, trauma and lack of trust. And if there is stuck energy in this for a woman then this area will be tight or painful. Sexual release in this area can eventually lead to a sense of calm, peace and restored trust.


About an inch further up comes the liver zone. Stagnant liver energy will result in anger and/or jealousy in abundance. If you work to de-armor this area these are the kinds of emotions you can expect to surface. Again, working with release of this area leads to kindness, generosity, softness and forgiveness.


About 3 – 4 inches inside your yoni is the Spleen and Pancreas zone. Worry, concern, anxiety will present when this area is out of balance or contracted. Working on release here can bring a woman a sense of being at home in her own body, coupled with the sense of being able to receive and deeply let her partner in.

Lungs and Heart

By the time we reach the cervix, we have connected to the Lungs and Heart points. Stagnant lung energy is thought to result in sadness, grief or depression. Whilst heart area issues will see hatred and disconnect. Women with shut down in this area commonly report a feeling of hating their partner. And de-armoring here can release joy, happiness, courage and self-confidence.

Pussy De-Armoring

De-armoring is a process by which something is inserted into the vaginal canal – be it your fingers, a dildo, a jade egg or a man’s penis. We then work to squeeze and release around areas of tension, using breath and even sound to facilitate the opening.

Just pressing into painful tissue with your loving presence feels incredibly good. It’s akin to having someone really touch a spot of tension and pain in a skillful massage session.

Stress Cycles and How to Complete Them

When working with healing and releasing – in any area of the body but particularly with your pussy – it’s very important to understand how emotional, energetic and physical release can happen in an embodied way.

As we work with trusting an unleashing our deep feminine natures, sometimes the body can really surprise us with it’s power.

It’s not uncommon to experience clearing reactions. Particularly physical shaking is very normal indeed. It’s important not to get too scared or worried about this – as shaking is the body’s innate way of letting go of tension. (Peter Levine and trauma healing specialists have a lot of research on this mechanism if you wish to study further.)

What’s absolutely vital about releasing deeply held sensations through shaking is that we allow our bodies to complete the stress cycle. If we interrupt or try to stop or run away from this natural release, we just stuff the energy back into our bodies again.

Hence the Window of Tolerance. Releasing tension and trauma can feel very edgy indeed – but if we practice staying within our windows whilst holding out for the stress cycle to release – that is exactly how we heal. And this is not something we would ideally interrupt. Because on the other side of such release – is power, increased sensation, and a new level of orgasmic pleasure.

Remember, you always have your grounding and balancing audio techniques to help resource you through difficult releases. But here are a couple of other techniques that can help alchemize such releases if they occur.

Breathing and Sounding

Your pussy is inextricably connected to your voice.

I’ve included a video in this module which shows you what happens to the vocal chords when a person is singing – and it looks almost identical to a vaginal opening.

Ask any birthing mother too – her ability to open and sound increases the capacity of her vaginal canal and cervix to open.

I can only encourage you to use your breath and sound to help your pussy speak what she needs to speak during this week’s practices. It’s an incredible releasing feeling and does help to move any shaky energy through. Very important.

TRE - A note on trauma release

If you have experienced significant trauma in your life, then I recommend passing on the vaginal de-armoring experience. Best to go gently with some simple squeeze and release practices as outlined in the practice audio.

Furthermore, if you find that a lot of trauma release is coming up, then I highly recommend you source a somatic trauma specialist who is highly trained to help you resource and move through. TRE for example, is a particularly effective technique that helps trauma to leave the body.

Emptying Out Before Filling Up – and Setting Intention

Remember however, that releasing and emptying out can also really be a joyful process. It tends to feel pleasurable and painful all at once – with the added benefit that once you have cleared, you are able to empower your choices and to fill up with that which serves you better.

Which is the next stage of our process.
You’ve emptied out that which you no longer need.
Now it’s time to invite the pleasure that you really, truly hunger for.

Before coming to this week’s live call, I would invite you to tune into your pussy and to ask her what she actually wants to let go of. Any experiences, memories or sensations. It’s most empowering to go into the practice with a high level of intention.