What’s Your Intention?


Magic is the practice of having your internal world match with your external world and having influence over that.

(You may like to think  you are pure surrender and completely given over to trusting in God etc. But I don't think I have met any human being yet who operates completely in this way)...

In other words - most of us crave some kind of influence in this life.

And the good news is, that I believe we are part of the equation when it comes to this influence. That life is a co-creation. Because getting into relationship with Divine Will is exquisite. But remembering that Divine Will is not the only thing at play here, is also of crucial importance when t comes to feminine power.

The mantra of the witch is that you are also Source

It's like Source likes to know what it is we want, and how we might think to go about it. It's like... Game On.


Of course, one of the most well-known ways to begin working with intention, is to journal about it. In the beginning of Initiate - my 3 month sex magic mastermind for women - we work with writing down the vision that we would like to create in the time we have together. In granular detail.

This is because words have tremendous power, and there is a reason that writing is so closely connected to your capacity to manifest. Even the language itself crosses over with magical terms: 

Spelling - spell

Grammar - grimoire

The reason that words are so powerful is because - what you set down in the material world of language, has already began to take form. It begins to get more clear, when we understand the nuance of being intentional with our lives, how closely this is connected to our own sense of power as a woman.

Elisabeth Gilbert mentions this concept in her best-selling book Big Magic.  She compares the drawing down of a creative project into the material realm - through words - as an act of magic in itself.  

I would agree.

But more than the act of creating the work itself, Gilbert had to set a really strong intention to even begin to start.

And that is something I also love to help women get clarity on.


Working with desire can be powerful. As I've discussed HERE, desire is very destabilising and can thrust you out into the oceans without a life-raft.

In terms of my own practice then - for sure - if I decide to follow a desire, there will most certainly come a point where I regret that decision. 

You can picture me kind of crying and sulking and saying things to my friends like "why did I do that and how can I get back to where I was?"

Suffice to say they know me well enough by now.

Ain't no turning back once you made that call. 

Desire will lead you into the dark. To a place where you can't see strategy. You can't plan. It's a free fall.


And yet one of the core codes of feminine power system I teach, is Clarity. 

So how do we manage to keep clear, when we are fumbling in the dark? How do we stay clear, when we are falling down a cliff edge we recently stepped over because desire told us to?

My recommendation is that setting a clear intention is how. 

(In fact, so convinced am I of this theory, that we spend a whole month dedicated to getting clear on Intention within my online Temple.)

Setting an intention is powerful because it helps you embody the truth that here is a place where you can trust the process.

Intention also helps you to stay with your magic when you start complaining, as you will. It anchors you to stay with desire.  In this way then, intention simply provides you a backbone for the ride. Some kind of structure that you can anchor to when all other form is falling into formlessness.


So whilst desire is a very feeling centred activity that we explore and amplify within the feminine power path I teach, we also need to ground ourselves into reality.

There have been times in my own life and practice, when I followed a desire and took the leap and pretty soon after there was nothing left. 

No job. No family. No food in the fridge. No money in the bank.

And I am not suggesting that you play that hard. But as someone who teaches this stuff, I feel it is my practical duty to play with edges like this.

The long and short of it is that, whilst desire sometimes brought me to my knees before Source. Literally crying at my altar on my knees. 

Still intention is what gave me the courage to stay the course. 

Do you still want it? Is your intention still solid? 

Because your magic is not subject to a timeline.

It likely won't manifest in the way you thought it would either.

But it doesn't matter - because you are playing.

That is all.

And watching.

And holding your spine through the intensity of the feelings that are going to arise. 

(No food in the fridge. No money in the bank. Do I buy hair conditioner or toilet roll this week? FUCK. Why did I follow my desire this deep in? IT WAS RECKLESS.)


Your magic is working it's way towards you even as I write.

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Life is full of ways in which we lose strength, power and ultimately break our intention.

It's like we set our intention and then become possessed by its' opposite. (Wanna know what an entity is? It's just that. An energetic word-breaker that rises from the inside and takes a hold of our consciousness. One of many types of entity, granted. But no less an entity nevertheless.)

Breaking intention is therefore pretty universal - even a source of comedy for most of us - so familiar are we with it's very human call.

Some common ways of breaking intention might look like:

  1. falling back into addictive patterns
  2. Setting up a discipline or practice but not following through
  3. Honestly preferring the shame hole 'cos it's easier to sit on the sofa and eat ice-cream and watch Netflix. (Or we think it is.)

Either way - every time we break intention, trust in our own capacity to succeed is lost. 

How can we possibly hold through the storm that is desire if we cannot even trust ourselves to do what we intended? 

We lose power. We become flaccid to ourselves.

To counteract this of course, we have to hold ourselves accountable. Or enlist help from others to hold ourselves accountable.

Either way. There is no way round staying the course.

Perhaps is why so many love (and have been saved by) 12 step communities.  Russell Brand is a drug addict. Except that he's not now. Because he stuck to his intention and pulled off a great, magnificent, getting sober spell. 

how we weaken our magic when we break intention to others

Whenever we break our word to other people, the effect is disastrous. It may be that we break it in big ways (an illicit affair, for example) or in small ways (We continuously show up late.) 

But the inevitable consequence of breaking your word with others is always the same - you become less trusted by the outside world.

Think about this - if you reliably break your word around timekeeping and there is someone else on the job who does not - who will get the promotion?

If you break your word and refuse to follow through on promises to your partner, and someone else comes along who does not - who is likely to secure that relationship?

So much of what we think "happens to us", actually happens as a result of us not following through on our stated intention.

It's not like your magic doesn't want to show up. It's more like you keep flaking out on it before it's even had a chance to track down where you live. Let alone buy you flowers and ring the doorbell.

It's a tragedy for me to see this in clients, it really is.

ways to successfully get behind your intention

So how do you get into a better relationship with your intention ? What are the ways to make sure you don't flake out on it, and lose your capacity for magic, AGAIN?

To make friends with intention it is important that we make practical steps we feel are pleasurable and doable for us. We might have massive intentions but the next steps are generally quite small. 

Get Your Warrior on Board

We can give ourselves a bad rap for being angry as women. And I talk more about this in this article HERE.

Anger can be an amazing ally though, when it comes to getting your spine behind your intention.

Feel the inner voice calling you to flake out again?

Pull on your rage. Get behind your power. Get it into action rather than berating you after the fact.

Feel yourself lunching out on a promise you made to another person cos it all feels like too much hassle?

Pull on your rage. Get it behind your word. Use it for action instead of guilt.

Make sense?

Either way, almost everything in the world is set up to make you fail. Truly. The matrix of consumerism that we live in means you are destined to grow unhappy, disconnected, and feeling like there's nothing you can do about it.

It's not true.

Let your rage rise and clean the house.

You can have what you want.

Set your intentions and get ready to fly.


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