The Wheel of the Year

wheel of the year

my favourite practice is the wheel of the year

One of the most important skills I have in anchoring myself to the world and reality, and thus regulating my nervous system and being able to sustain practical acts of magic that are necessary along the feminine path, is to ground my being inside the wheel of the year.

wheel of the year as an indigenous tool

As a woman living in western europe, and of celtic descent, it often feels to me as though I am missing something. In spite of the fact that I still actually live close to my ancestral roots, still some sense of lineage or connection to the land that has been lost through the ages remains.

I am wondering if you can relate?

We often joke about living "in the Matrix". 

But in all seriousness, I do see this as a collective dreaming. Something that we somehow all partake in and believe in - even if only unconsciously.

Freeing myself, and helping others free themselves of this collective dreaming, is perhaps the one main undercurrent of the path I live and teach. 

It is true that we have exalted more "masculinised" traits - such as winning, goal orientation, creating structures and containers and rules etc. Repressing feelings and our cyclical natures in order to conform with linear timelines.

Unravelling the Feminine then, has meant for me, a willingness to begin to operate outside of these structures as much as is humanly possible. And to enquire around my own indigenous lineage.

wheel of the year is not cultural appropriation

Re-learning and immersing myself in the Wheel of the Year has been a part of this unravelling of my more masculine approach to life and living. 

I like it because it belongs to me and mine. It is the place from which I come. And because it is also a tool I can use to help us anchor into another space-time dimension when I teach my online group experiences.

How can we unlearn the tales we have told ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of?

Remembering tools that have already been designed for us, but we have seemingly forgotten, is one important way.

In Initiate for example - my 3 month sex magic container - women are encouraged to source into and remember the aspect of the wheel of the year we are travelling through. Think of it like a reconditioning. A remembering of our innate magic.

what is the wheel of the year?

All indigenous cultures seem to have some kind of reference points and gravitational pull towards the natural world.  Some even have seasonal references.

The Wheel of the Year is one such reference. Built to correspond with the turning tides of natural calendar.

Its a reference point from which we can begin to understand more about ourselves, our feelings, our subconscious drivers and motivations even. (All of which are distinctive markers of the feminine path in my opinion.)

We also pay homage to our actual ancestors by referencing the Wheel of the Year - if we are of european or celtic descent in particular these rituals will still have some kind of meaning for us.

In our perpetual search for belonging, as we navigate the sometimes brutal world of late Capitalism. The Wheel of the Year can help.


The main reason I use this tool however, is because I believe strongly in the energetics currents and movements of both the earth and of our own bodies.

This is why the cycles of the moon effect us, for example. And why, as women, we often remark upon how these energies are influencing our moods and behaviours.

The energy of the earth's turning is no different. And the more conscious we are of the energy in any given moment, the more we can perhaps even use it for our own magical benefit?

So in other words, we can lean upon our biggest resource of all - the planet upon which we live and the natural world.

want more? Listen to this week's podcast about the wheel of the year here

wheel of the year


The wheel of the year is divided into eight subdivisions as follows:

The Summer and Winter Solstice

These happen on the longest night of the year, and the shorted night of the year respectively.

The Spring Equinox and Autumn Equinox (the quarter points)

Another key marker as these two moments are one of balanced night and day.

The 4 Great Fire Festivals (Cross quarter points)

These happen at  the peak of the seasons and are used to participate with the energies of the earth's natural seasonal flow.

Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain

pagan holidays

how to use the wheel of the year

You can use the wheel of the year, as I do, to increase understanding of energetic influences in our lives, to hone and utilise these energeies for beneficial effect, to source into ancestral support and a sense of belonging, or just to connect more deeply with your own feelings and inner life at specific times of the year when changes are afoot or certain dimensions are more available.

For example, Samhain is famous world over for "the veil being thin" and for celebrating the dead. It may not be called Samhain in every quarter of the world. But the energetic resonance of the time of year is felt by all.

Tuning into the wheel of the year will only help you develop your own intuition and deep feeling sense therefore.

It is a direct route into inner wisdom and personal power. 

It is a way to celebrate meaningful in community.

It is a way to stay grateful tot he way the natural world in eternally unfolding for us.

It is a way to throw off the advances and ambitions of trans-humanism and AI, for example.

A way to stay connected to the same, human thrusts, that propelled millions before us.

As such it is literally a tool for me to remember who I am as a human being. And to grow that in love, and magic.

You can download it HERE.


The Temple is my online membership offering that brings together women from all over the world to learn the kickass, graceful undoing that is true feminine power, and to unlearn what we have been taught thus far about our limitations as women.

Think collective spellbreaking.

Think the claiming of more, personally.

Think fun, love and online badassery..


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