EP16: Getting Intentional


Last week's episode on desire - we had a look at how important it is to know what you want, and why. Desire is really so fundamental to the work I do with women, that I highly recommend you go back and catch up HERE. (In fact, you can listen over and over. Desire has that way about it. It can work you differently each time.)

But today, I am going to explore what to DO about desire when you've finally given into letting it live within you. To embracing it.

I like to say to clients that at least 50% of the magical act of creation is intention setting, and holding to that intention. (I'll leave you to wait for the other 50% next week.)

But in terms of my own practice - for sure - if I decide to follow a desire, there will most certainly come a point where I regret that decision. I'm kind of crying and sulking and saying things to my friends like "why did I do that and how can I get back to where I was?"

Suffice to say they know me well enough by now.

Ain't no turning back once you made that call. 

Desire will lead you into the dark. To a place where you can't see strategy. You can't plan. 


And yet this month's Temple focus is Clarity. 

So how do we manage to keep clear, when we are fumbling in the dark?

Intention is how.

When the map has failed you.

When you are falling through space because you decided to take a leap into the unknown of expanding your reality. 

There is a place where you can trust the process.

You remember  you set an intention. And you will stay with it. 

Because you know in the tiniest whispers of your heart, that your future self is calling you to find it now. That you've got this. That you just have to anchor to it, and the grace of that will lead you home. (Somehow. Somehow.)


This week's episode explores this in greater detail.

I also have a look at how much is working against your intentionality in the outer world and why. 

At how easy it is to break your intention and the ways in which you are likely to do so.

Plus what to do about this and how to hold a strong, focussed spine. 

'Cos there's no point slouching in the dark, is there?


Some snippets for your delectation below..



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Think collective spellbreaking.

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Think fun, love and online badassery..


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