The path to feminine magic.

We Gather. We go deeper.

Initiate is an online group coaching deep-dive for women, designed around the three ancient cycles of maiden, mother and crone - and is a completely one of its kind adventure into the deep currents of your feminine nature.  

This experience will guide you to know exactly how to tap into your own body for nourishment, to expand and energise your sexual energy so that it completely surpasses your current erotic thresholds, and teach you how to expand this turn-on as power source, until it ripples out and utterly transforms every area of your life.

Before I tell you more about the program, let's make sure you're a good fit..

You are right for Initiate if you want to get access to a deeper sense of personal power, and learn how to turn up the dial on your feminine radiance so you can enjoy being a woman in this world.

Initiate is right for you if you want a life that you can feel is yours, one that has you influence the room rather than be perpetually influenced BY it.

  • Performing to within an inch of your life..
    Perhaps you are currently exhausted by working a career that utilises your talent for empathy and service, but has you feeling drained, unseen, and even at times manipulated to give more than you'd like, for waaay less than you deserve. Either way, you tend to care more about what other people think of you, than what you actually think of them - because as soon as you centre yourself, you feel guilty about it.
  • In a constant state of over-regulation, you are evidently stressed AF
    You could be an oft strung-out entrepreneur juggling all the things who would love to find more ease and a more graceful approach to being your own boss and magnetising the kind of business you dream of. Or maybe the constant pressure of kids and all the rest has your nerves-a-jangling. Either way, and in spite of your obvious competence, you feel that you are powerful, and yet still utterly bereft of something you cannot even put your finger on..
  • Stuck at a certain threshold in life when it comes to everything that matters to you
    Maybe you are a wannabe tantrika - a woman who feels her whole life is ahead of her but can't quite ever seem to let go into the space she desires to inhabit. Or maybe you keep living through the same set of limiting circumstances and, by now, you've got a sneaking suspicion that you might have maybe just a little bit to do with that. Either way, your nervous system contracts back to safety when things get a little bit too good to handle.
  • Feeling dried up and lost about the future
    You might be an empty-nester who lost sight of how fab and juicy it is to be a woman somewhere in her mid-twenties. Or maybe you've just had another huge life transition and realised you have completely forgotten who you are. Either way, if somebody asks you what you want, you can't reliably answer them.  Confusion is your resting place and you can't help but think that clarity and intention in your life would be really super helpful at this point.
  • Bored and dissatisfied with your relationship or your current dating experiences
    Things are likely in a rut for you. It's like groundhog day in the bedroom. Or you go out with dates that seem promising, but more often than not head down the same pathways. You are likely wondering what you can do to inject some life into these scenarios. If they are even possible to resurrect at this stage?

does any of that sound familiar?

If yes, then you're in the right place!

Initiate will give you the practices, the expert coaching and the unparalleled support of a sisterhood in integrity, to have you reach that neglected part of you - your feminine core - and supply her with the kind of attention she's been deeply needing for years.

By the end of this programme you will have...



We begin in the place of innocence. Through practice of deep listening to our own sense of old, indigenous wisdom that lives on in our female bodies. We create an experience of body as temple, where we start listening for the intimate whispers of your feminine power.



The most powerful personal journeys happen within a collective field. Here we will build a pristine, crystal-clear vibration that builds trust, support, and lasting connections. We will name the ways women inflame their relationships with one-another, and with clarity we create something new, resilient and tender.



You will have made dramatic expansions into sexual sensation and experience, tasted the juice that lives in your own cells and practiced how to access this. The woman in you will be brought back to her natural state of radiance through practice of the feminine arts - including learning how to feel more. You can become that woman in the room who everyone quietly gravitates to.



Through the cyclical feminine path, you will find yourself massively up-levelling that which you want in your life. Whether money, a relationship, opportunity, or just plain old climax. Initiate is super focussed of having you expand your inner legitimacy and to break beyond the limiting fields you may be operating inside of right now.



There are literally tools to know how to source into your masculine and feminine power within, and you will learn them here. A healing results. A coming into union within. This has huge ramifications for your personal life - both within and without. As you will stop fracturing off parts of yourself, and ensuring they have your back instead.



You will discover just how powerful the feminine path is for magnetising and attracting the life you desire with ease and flow. The feminine is profoundly creational - you will access the practices and codes that will have you emanate from a deeper and more self-connected place. This ultimately lead to existing within a more connected universe.

But above all else..

Initiate will show you how to deeply fall in love with being a woman again...


I'm Chela Davison

Julia is deep, wise, and mischievous. Her sovereign self-sense is contagious, always inviting new ways to look at old paradigms, unravelling the crunchy places, the spaces that haven’t felt joy or pleasure in far too long.

There is a ferocity with which Julia loves and cares, cutting through the facades that so many of us use to diminish the truth of our power and the righteousness of our desires.

One of the gifts Julia has is the gift of permission, intuiting what needs to be let go. She’s like the witch next door, inviting you over for a spot of tea and before you know it, you want to burn down everything that doesn’t bring you radical pleasure.

If you have the opportunity to work with Julia, dive in, she’ll see you, meet you and invite you where you’ve been wanting to go for a very long time. 

Integral Master Coach™

ICF Master Certified Coach

Let me in already!

Simply put, Initiate changes lives and it is Officially OPEN right now at an Early Bird Price

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6 investments

Spread your investments over time to make Initiate totally accessible for you.

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3 investments

Spread your investments over time to make Initiate totally accessible for you.

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1 installment

Get the finance stuff out the way by investing in full now.

Real Success Stories

Her coaching is so expansively holistic, I felt SEEN like never before...

OMG! OMG! Julia is TOTALLY wonderful. She probes so deeply, guiding me to push through my resistance to help me face some of the places I didn't want to look at because they were a source of such pain and loneliness for me. Specifically, as a person of colour and a woman, I can say that my conditioning (behave always, don't make waves) played out so disastrously over my life, has been turned inside out. Thanks to Julia, I'm serene. It's not too late. I'm myself. I love me. And I'm making waves.

Chas Hines

Bona Rays Vocalist

She helped me unearth and honor long lost parts of myself and to integrate them into my every day life...

Julia holds a space where it is safe for you to go right to the core of truth with a method that is gentle but incredibly powerful.  She coached in a way that empowered me to live more boldly and authentically in my relationships, my creativity and my work.

Melinda Reaves

Sex, Love + Relationships Coach

I feel alive and turned on...

Julia's pleasure course changed my life. I came feeling disconnected from my body and was experiencing a lot of anxiety and fear. I am so glad I went for the VIP 1:1 option with Julia. I learnt so much and put everything into practice. I can honestly say I have never had a better relationship to my body.

Jo Coops

Dating and Relationship Coach

what's inside initiate?

how you'll learn

The cyclical nature of the feminine path

Learning within the Initiate container is an experience of descent. This is an ongoing path - we simply cycle through into the dark and back again. That's why women often choose this journey with me over and over - because every single time there are new diamonds to be found in the mud.

It's in this flavour, in this state of surrender and self-resurrection, that we weave our way through all the teachings of the programme. 

Each Module, and of course each natural season that the course sits within, contains a certain dynamic. However, the overall trajectory and holding will cycle through these stages. Almost like phases of the moon as follows:

1. Locate the desire

On the feminine path we always start with desire. Contrary to mainstream cultural and religious thought, whereby desire is maligned as a force of evil, here we explore desire for what it is - an innate wisdom. In other words, human beings are loving and generous at their core, and what you want is an expression of this. We will keep going back to rooting into your desire, over and over.

2. Clarify the signal

So if you desire something, then why might you not have access to it? Of course, we live within circumstances, many of which are outside our control. In Initate, we will concern ourselves with what IS in our control - and that comes down to our belief systems and internalised shame. It is painful and difficult work, to encounter these beliefs and stories so that we may, at last, release them. But when we do, our magnetism can flow without effort. 

3. Make the ask

This can be a pretty brutal practice for those of us conditioned to "get along independently". The practice of asking will bring you right up face to face with the limits of your own inner legitimacy. And that's why we do it. Excruciating and necessary.

4. Practice the receive

Clients are often amazed to actually experience the strange truth that sometimes it can be more painful to receive what we want, than to live in scarcity without it. As a result, we find that opening our receptivity is humbling, and can take us through a whole spectrum of emotions. We will make this our practice. We will let life take us out of control.

what you'll learn

Within the cyclical nature of the course as described above, Initiate consists of 8 core modules, each designed to guide you through an aspect of your embodied power as a woman. 

Programme Overview


The Indigenous Erotic

I believe that every single one of us can reclaim our connection to the indigenous through direct access to our Eros. Including white women. I do not believe that we need to borrow (or steal) from one anothers' cultures in order to be able to access this wisdom. 

Women's bodies are innately connected to the natural world, to pleasure, and to the land. Through the practice of cultivating friendship with our Eros we - every single one of us  - can reclaim relationship with our ancestors and the ancient indigenous practices of our own people. 

As such, all women can begin to build muscles within their own bodies, and doing so allows us to connect to that which is greater and this is where we begin. In innocence. With an intention to reclaim that which (many of us) have lost.

I don't believe this call for the indigenous wisdom of a woman's body is heresy. I believe this is necessary. In fact, I believe it is urgent. If this offends you, this is not the right course for you.

I may not be the right space-holder for you and I fully trust you to make a judgement call on that. In summary - I am interested in your power. In nothing but your power. And always only what you put in the way of your power.


The Skill of Location

Women are highly trained, from birth, to subsume what they know to be true and real. This module will counteract that training and give you powerful insights into how to access reality in any circumstance.

If you are the type of woman who doesn't know what she really believes when she's around other, vociferous and passionate human beings, then this module is for you. 

If you find yourself saying "yes" and then, not til you arrive home later, can you feel that actually you were a "no" all along? Then this module is for you.

Going forward this module will arm you with powerful tools, so you will less likely to sell yourself short in real time ever again.

Furthermore, it will help you access the profound gift that is your intuition, and to not only cultivate respect for it, but to actually advocate for it. 

We also touch upon group eggregores - or the capacity for group dynamics to gaslight individuals - which is inherently tricky ground because the gaslight is powerful in such instances.

When you learn to trust yourself to this degree - nobody will ever gaslight you again.  (I mean, they can try )


Desire as Anchor

If you don't know what you want, how can you go about getting it?

On the feminine path, desire is key to your power.

In direct contradiction to most mainstream religious and cultural thought, where desire is seen as the root of all evil, the teachings of the feminine mystery path encourage us to ask questions about whether we know this to be true?

Maybe something else is true?

Maybe we are good and whole and what we want is holy? Because we are holy?

Together we will explore these questions in an embodied way, and examine whether we have been taught to suppress our desires as women, because 1) they may give us freedom and 2) they can leave a lot of destruction in their wake.

As such, your desire is handled as both a redeemer and beast - navigated with love and care as you open to her. 


We get online and bitch about other women. We do things like call them "problematic". 

We get together with other women to make ourselves right. We fracture our own communities with backbiting and malicious gossip in order to try and let off steam and self-regulate again. We experience betrayals of the deepest orders from our mothers, grandmothers, sisters. We compete. Like the man is the prize (if hetero) or for the job, the audience, the money. 

This is exactly how women infantilise themselves.This is exactly how we let our power slip away from us. We attach to "the man" and go for broke to get what we want, solo. 

Every time, we are willing to sell our sisters down the river so that we might personally gain.

Initiate recognises that a robust, pristine, and exalted field of sisterhood is not only what creates the required safety we need to "drop in", but also elevates all of us to be able to lead the world back to love again. 

Without true sisterhood, danger is afoot. With a sisterhood in deep integrity and service to the field - play becomes possible to a whole new level.This gets to be happy, whole and fun. Basically.


The Holy Masculine

This module will lead us in an exploration to truly look at our own relationship to the masculine - both within and without.

We examine how structure, discipline, rules etc, can actually help the feminine to feel okay about making her descent.

We explore the ways in which masculine energetics are helpful. And we also look at how we might be using the masculine in our worlds instead.

For example, how does your inner masculine show up in your psyche? How is he behaving and what does he do for you?

What is your external experience of men?

These relationships are a big part of this module, which can typically be a massive part of the puzzle of the reclamation of power for women. (I know it truly has, and continues to be, for me.)

We will also examine the shadowy aspects of the masculine - within and without. And how to handle, and then play, with aspects of the dark masculine with total self-respect and mutual care.

Overall, we look at how we both infantilise, and shadow ban men and the masculine from our lives, and the effect that that is having upon the world in metaphysical terms.

Because - you can castrate the masculine and render him impotent through your own trauma response and fear. And he can comply through is own trauma response and fear.

The question we ask in this module is - is this power though?

And where the fuck does it lead us?

And do we want to go there?

And if not, how do we practice reclamation and even exaltation of the masculine in a way that serves all of humanity going forward?


Surrender & the Victim Spell

Oh dear Women, let us enter the Temple.

Now we have integrated the aspect of our inner masculine, the true experience of surrender becomes possible for us. (And not before.)

In other words, when the masculine is in tact and serving his true purpose, we are safe to enter the inner dimensions of the sacred within.

And we are ready, for a whole new world.

This module explores the classic traps of the "path of surrender", the ways in which we may go there before we are actually ready, the ways in which we may even consent to experiences that we are truly not a match for.

We will also explore the classic inflammatory response of the feminine - which is victim.

We look at what we need in order to heal this victim state - normally an experience of deep, unconditional listening and care. Perhaps some justice and recognition and social change is necessary.

And we look at what steps we can take to feel ourselves if we begin to recognise that we are stuck in the victim state. The kinds of human relationships that result from being stuck here, and the ways in which we can let go.

It is very socially acceptable for women to inhabit the place of the victim. Indeed, we are taught to expect it, and we receive a lot of credibility and positive feedback when we stand in the victim position too.

We also begin to explore this and why this might be, and whether we might want this to continue.

Lastly, through sexual practice and life enquiry, we open to what a nourishing experience of surrender may truly look like for us as women. And we find ways to create more of this missing ingredient in our lives.


Magic + the Feminine Magnet

Since the beginning time, women have held the keys to creational power. Frankly, why do you think millions of us were burned? 

This module explores the ancient axiom of magic "as within, so without." 

Because from this place, it is truly where everything becomes possible for us and those we love.We will gently explore this concept and have it work us in our own lives, our own dramas and our own stories. 

The exercise of complete self-responsibility here is brutal but rewarding. We'll love one another deeply as we open to deep levels of knowing about how we, as women, may have birthed so much of that which repulses and even horrifies us.

We will learn how to recognise, rectify and maybe even clean up our mistakes. 

We will build relationship with the shadow realms here, so that we may always exercise choice, and sovereign power, in our future creative endeavours.

We are all, always, at choice, with how far we want to go with this one. But no serious women's empowerment course would ever be complete without such an honest, exhaustive, practice of self-reflection.

And so together, in love, we go there.



It's my experience, that the lived path of devotion is where we mostly end up on this path of sex, magic and power as women. I think this is why so many of us feel a deep resonance with the saintly archetype of "sacred whore" in our lives. Or gravitate towards feminine biblical figures such as Mary Magdalene in the Western traditions.

And that is because the path of devotion will always take us beyond our ego. Beyond ego is, more often than not, our deepest desire of all.

Devotion is very much a sutra of humbling. Of getting in service to. Of dropping so deep into our power that we allow the universe to literally move through us into it's exalted expression. Of love.

The harsh truth - and perhaps one of the main reasons that we deny ourselves access to desire as women in the first place, is that creation does not happen in isolation. Creation is always relational.

In other words - you may not always get what you want.This interplay with the Universe/God/Goddess can be so painful.

Literally, at the heart of all our wretchedness are the beliefs and remembrances of being cast out, forgotten, left to starve or even punished, by those we trusted to love us. (Including God.)

I think it's why we ex-communicate and are taught to fear our desire in the first place.

A kind of misplaced effort to save ourselves from the pain of being a human being, alive and wanting.

However, when we truly open to this dynamic and allow it to literally bring us to our knees. Something opens. We discover that our feminine actually exalts in the experience of longing.

Devotion is advanced feminine play. It's probably where you're headed if you begin this journey in some shape or form.

This module will enable you to understand the energetics of devotion, how to keep yourself healthy and well there, and how to finally let what wants to move through you, actually move through you.

Real Success Stories

It helped me understand fears that were rooted in my body in a way that no other coaching had done before..

I loved working with Julia. She helped me uncover desires and next steps for my future. She also got me to unconscious blocks at were holding me back from achieving these desires. I felt lovingly supported and held throughout the entire process. Julia's coaching is very body based... I cannot recommend Julia enough as a coach - it's a truly transformative experience.

Caoilfhionn Nic Conmara

Embodiment Coach

My dreams are coming into physical form..

Wonderful Julia.  She nudged me firmly and yet encouraged me to stretch my comfort zone with the kind of gentleness I crave. She helped me get back in touch with the soft whispers of desire and intuition. Dissolving grief  that had blocked and hardened me for a long time.

Many months after her coaching her work is still having a deep impact on my day to day life. In an even better way than I thought possible.

So much love for this incredible, witchy woman

Emma Tapsell


Julia is incredibly empowering...

Julia has great warmth and a profound intuition, and I've felt extremely supported and encouraged by her in my personal development. She 'gets' it. I'd recommend her to anyone wishing to tune into themselves on a deeper level.

Sue Fitzmaurice

Writer and Editor


Every experience of descent needs a well-formulated, exquisitely crafted container and delivery schedule to allow participants to truly drop in and feel well-treated. This is how we've worked out Initiate to give you just such a delicious holding. To guide your intimately through this experience you will receive:

Sex Magic Practice Calls

10 x 60 min practice calls on Zoom

During Initiate, you will be invited to join 10 live zoom calls led by Julia, or by other senior experienced facilitators specialising in the field of women, sexuality and power. During this time, we will come together to practice the exercises you receive as a part of this course. Joining a field of other alive, turned on women, expanding the field of their sex is an experience you will never forget. We live in a zeitgeist of near total isolation. Even through digital means, we will blast that out of the water.

Live Module Teaching Transmissions

8 x 90 min module teaching calls on Zoom

A deeper dive into the subject matter and modular content of Initiate will be given by Julia through zoom. The calls will last 90 mins and will also contain some opportunities for spotlight coaching and a growing of the sisterhood.

Opening + Closing Ritual

2 x 90 min opening and closing ritual calls on Zoom

Set intention. Celebrate magic. Up-level through ritual. Connect to the seasonal energetics. Ritual is a consistently reliable way to raise collective power and add fuel to your transformation.


A private FB community designed to help you leverage support where you need it. Accountability, encouragement, friendships. Plus access to smaller sisterhood pods if so desired.

(Yeah. I know. Zuckerberg. Total bummer. However, I have yet to find a medium that women engage in effortlessly for connection like they do with Facebook. Basically, most people are constantly on it. So until we are not, this is where we'll converse.)


I'm Elena Rego

Everytime I connect with Julia I walk away with what feels like a 'deeply rooted in the womb' recalibration.  Her wisdom and capacity for understanding and naming the dynamics at play in the body, relationships and the world are sourced in the sacred sorcery of the Feminine.  

When I'm with her I'm acutely aware that I'm in the presence of a Priestess who facilitates holy unfolding with every gem she shares.

And I'm deeply grateful for the nourishment I receive from our time together.

CEO, The Witches Box

sex magic

OMG this sounds amazing...

(But wait a moment, what in the hell is sex magic? And shouldn't I be worried about that?)

Simple put, the path of the feminine is felt.

Sex is the deepest source of feeling we have available to us.

We therefore use sexual practices to facilitate our descent into Eros.

Over a long container like this one, we have time. So to begin with we move quite gently with an opening and exploration of our pelvic area and organs. These practices alone literally begin to return blood flow to our feminine. An amazing amount can heal psychically at this level.

From there we move gradually into the energetics of self-penetration and then descend deeper through a journey of de-armoring into cervical/cosmic states of absolute self-trust and surrender.

As we move through practice and begin to gain more access and mastery to these levels of our sex, we can also expand energetically. The sex practices reflect the "as within so without' mantra of our sex witch forbearers.

Finally, as well as using sex to expand our natures, we also have it as a regulatory tool. I find in my work, and also personally, that women naturally crave states of ecstasy. They often want to fully go there. We can forget that pleasure does not just excite however - it can also soothe. And we get to understand the difference and how to choose what we want to experience, when and why.

As such, sex is literally our smorgasboard of feminine power.

(Ahem. Perhaps this is why it is discounted from all mainstream religions, medical and moral discussion. Perhaps this is why we even learned shame in the first place? To dislocate us from ourselves?)

Rebuilding this self-connection is why Initiate is a course in sex magic. And why sexuality makes up the main body of my coaching practices.

Hi there! I am so delighted you've made it to this page and have an interest in the path of feminine initiation. In case you are interested in my background and experience as a coach, then let me introduce myself a little more.. I began training in 2017 and have completed many hundreds of hours of coaching programmes and certifications since. Leading inspirations have included working closely with Morehouse, Nicole Daedone, Layla Martin, Gillian Pothier, Carolyn Elliot, Kasia Urbaniak Chela Davison, John Wineland, Jayson Gaddis and David Deida. You will find all the above influences in my programs.

Further to the above, and partly to answer the call of my own journey with PTSD, I have also studied and been mentored by many trauma experts - including Irene and Seth Lyon, Dianne Poole Heller and have attended workshops with Peter Levine and Bessell van der Kolk. Dick Schwarz has had an enormous impact on my work also. 

In summary - I'm a ferocious advocate for the power of your sensual self. A caller into being of your wild and deep. I help women who are feeling stuck, or experiencing some kind of freeze around their power, to open up and deepen their capacity for feminine magic, so that they can reclaim the life they most desire to live.

As an initiate, a teacher and a practitioner of the feminine erotic arts, I am humbly at your service.

Julia Lally

CEO, You Can Have It

Let me in already!

Simply put, Initiate changes lives and it is Officially OPEN right now at an Early Bird Price

Payment Plan
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6 investments

Spread your investments over time to make Initiate totally accessible for you.

Payment Plan
Normal Price




3 investments

Spread your investments over time to make Initiate totally accessible for you.

Pay in Full
Normal Price




1 installment

Get the finance stuff out the way by investing in full now.

your incredible bonus content


To support you on your journey I'm adding these two online courses into Initiate so that you can truly ground yourself in a rhythm and practice throughout. During the entire experience, we will draw upon the practices in these bonus courses to deepen and self-connect.

Bonus Course 1:

The Orgasm Method

From tired, stressed and desire-less, to reclaiming the source of your potency, through conscious self-pleasure and discovery.

Core Content

Lifetime access to a 5 module experiential online course, complete with 28 bite-sized instructional videos

25 downloadable audio exercises

14 beautifully designed PDF exercise sheets

Plus bonus content

Trauma Toolkit Audio Series (Value $149)

the art of consent masterclass (value $97)

the complete thinking woman's guide to sex toys (value $15)

the step by step manual to feminine squirting (value $37)

Bonus Course 2:

Jade Power

The course takes you through a deep dive into expanding and enriching deeper states of orgasm and pleasure. Learn to cultivate and ride your body's own natural capacity for ecstasy.

Learn how to harness and store sexual energy as nutrition.

Become more intimate with your pussy than you ever imagined, and worship her as the centre of your power.

Core Content:

Lifetime access to a 6 module experiential online course, complete with 20 bite-sized instructional videos

17 downloadable audio exercises

15 beautifully designed PDF exercise sheets

Plus bonus content

Breath Toolkit bonus course (Value $149)





I'm Patricia Russo

Julia is the embodiment of her wisdom, a sister deeply in her practices as living art that you can feel radiating out of her when you are in her presence.  

If you have the good fortune of taking her hand, you will find yourself the beneficiary of many, many years of lived experiences as well as long lines of lineage in teachings that she carries and has made her own.  

To be witnessed, fully seen, by Julia feels like the purest essence of love.

She is incredibly wise, super witty, enchanting and a beautiful inspiration to all women of what following your heart's deepest desire looks and feels like.  What a beautiful honor it is to know you Julia and to sit with you and be seen and loved by you.

CEOs and Founder of Whole, Healed & Holy

Frequently asked questions

Students and clients who ask the most questions, most often get the best results from my programs. Here are some of the best and most commonly asked.

What times are the calls, and do I have to be there live?

Calls take place at 20.00 hours CET Tuesdays or Thursdays. VIP calls go from 21.30-22.30 CET. You do not have to attend live as all replays will be up within 24 hours for you to catch up if need be. If you want to see a calendar of all the dates and times programmed then please click HERE.

How long will I have access to the material online?

The Orgasm Method and Jade Power will be lifetime access. All group recordings and FB group will remain open for 12 months after the Initiate experience.

I am not straight. Will this course be a fit for me?

Initiate is open to women of all sexual persuasions, tastes and preferences, and all practices will benefit your relationship to pleasure, whatever and whoever with.

I'm menopausal. Have I left it too late to do something like this?

It is never too late to embark upon a journey of self-embodiment through sexual energy and pleasure. The Taoists called menopause "the second spring". This is because a lot of energy can free up when we are no longer menstruating or delivering babies. The sexual element of that energy never ever dies, and I have taught many women, some quite elderly, to open up their Eros once more. Often it's been long forgot. Personally, I can only say that sexual practice is my most important embodiment technique and it massively improves the quality of my life, including helping with the challenges of peri-menopause (the phase of life I am currently navigating.)

Also, I should tell you about Sage who studied with me once. Sage is in her 70s. Just past mid point of the course she told the group how she had perfected the art of climaxing, silently in the grocery store line. Over nothing but just for the hell of it. And if Sage can do it....

I am non-binary or trans. Is this course suitable for me?

In order to fully participate in the practices, you will need female sexual organs. Therefore this course is for females only. If you are a trans woman who is looking to work with sexuality then please reach out to the team here [email protected] and we can signpost you in the direction of courses that may be more suitable for you. I wholeheartedly support the availability of sexuality based experiential courses for trans and non-binary participants. This course is for women born into female bodies exclusively however and will not be a fit for you. Please be aware that gender is not a topic for discussion in my containers and we spend zero amount of time on this issue whatsoever.

Will I need to be on screen during sex magic practices?

No. Generally speaking I encourage women to come online with camera on during live transmissions and then to turn off sound and video during pleasure practice. It's totally up to you in the end of course. The live teaching and coaching calls will be hosted afterwards in the private FB group. The sex magic practice calls will live inside the private online course portal. Whilst your live presence is not mandatory, it is of course appreciated. (It also helps me "read the room" as a coach and deliver to the exact sweet spots needed.) In the end though, this is your call. No shame on your choice either way.

Will you ever share live content publicly?

You wanna know my pet hate? Coaches who open up a space of trust and depth online - during which you may get all sweaty and vulnerable - only to find several weeks later you are the star of their IG story, cheeks a flushed and tears running down your face. I will never do that to you. Not in a million years. No content of you will ever be released publicly unless you express consent for my team to do so.

Will I get the online courses all at once?

No - in order to help all participants pace the content and their embodied descent into feminine realms, the material will open at specific times. All Initiate transmissions will be live as programmed. Orgasm and Jade content release will be staggered - with the first two Orgasm modules opening as soon as we begin and thereafter on a weekly basis, and Jade opening some weeks later in the same way.

Do I need a jade egg to do this?

Initiate is a course in sex magic, and ultimately you will not need any supplies other than some oil and your own fingers. However, to get the best from the course, investment in some toys and/or a jade egg is advised. You can order the high quality, nephrite and GIA approved jade eggs from my website should you wish to.

Do you have a refund policy?

No there are no refunds on any of my digital programs. Please do not purchase unless you are willing to accept these terms. If there are any questions that remain unanswered for you in terms of whether this program is suitable for you or not, please email my team at [email protected] and we will happily assist you to answer any information we can. We will always answer you truthfully - and you can check out the terms of sale of digital products on our website here too.

I am really quite blocked sexually, will this course be too advanced for me?

I'm so sorry to hear this! Here's what I might offer to you - I have a profound and reverential respect for the pace of you and your sexuality. It is a leading mantra of my life - that NOTHING opens by force. Ever. So I will never push you into anything and will always and only invite you to follow your body's deeper wisdom. On the other hand, this is not a trauma course, and as group leader I will be calibrating my teachings and pace to the general flavour of the specific container - which is always different according to who is involved. This means at times the material may prove challenging to you, or go faster than you would like. I can only rely upon you to practice sovereignty here - I will not shame you for needing to pull back from anything. As an example, I once did an entire two year training where the group participated in extreme consciousness-altering breath work on an almost daily basis. Apart from me. So you can be weird on my watch. You can be the only one who can't do it. Approval is a feminine code, after all.

I have sexual trauma, are you certified?

No I have no trauma certifications. I am in recovery from PTSD personally, however, and have a deep understanding of the nervous system and how trauma works (and can be resolved.) I have mentored for 18 months with Diane Poole Heller and immersed myself in her trauma teachings. This included many live masterclasses from trauma experts such as Peter Levine. I also have studied privately with Irene and Seth Lyon, and attended trauma education trainings with Rachael Maddox and Shelby Leigh. 

How much time do you think I'll need for this material each week?

It's up to you. I would recommend you come to the weekly calls and transmissions - they amount to about 7 hours of content monthly. But to carve out 20-30 mins daily, or 3-4 times a week, will serve you enormously. 

Will you make me dance naked online to shit music?

Firstly, I will never make you do anything. You join by invitation only, always. Initiate encourages you to trust your body and hold sovereign boundaries around your participation in all things at all times. (Plus, dear reader. I will never play shit music. Like not even once. Me and shit music are not on speaking terms.)

When you say "Maiden Cycle", is this for young women only?

No. There are 3 cycles of Initiate held each year to correspond with the wheel of the year and the ancient archetypes of woman - maiden, mother, crone. Whilst the topics covered are always similar and the descent always planned for, there will be a specific focus both on the young, tender and more innocent parts of ourselves in this cycle. This "maiden" focus will also correlate well with the rising of Spring's sexual energy and excitement to birth things anew. Which is an homage to the seasonal flavour of the Northern hemisphere during which this course is run. That said - of course anything can come up and that's also totally fine. The "Maiden" slant is not prescriptive. More an honouring. Of the ancient magic we once knew.

what others are saying

Grace Adriana


I will be eternally grateful to Julia for helping me to connect my sexuality and my creativity...

As a coach, Julia is able to create a container that truly embodies the feminine qualities of fluidity, playability and mystery. Yet the structure is there, which we went back to again and again. But the goals we set did not feel like climbing a ladder. It felt like an alchemy was taking place. A process that retrained my psyche, my senses and my nerves.

Katie Saxon


I learned to let go into the deeper things..

Julia's coaching became something that I looked forward to every week. She has a blend of warmth and honesty, approval and penetrating insight that had me trust in her and let go in our sessions. And I found clarity over some mother issues in a single session! She has a special skillset and I would highly recommend coaching with her.

Nicole Crane


Julia is masterful...

Feminine power is the ability to stand firm in honoring your needs, wants, and desires, without losing connection to your true essence of love. Julia is masterful, both in modelling this herself, but also in guiding others in how to do this in a way that is authentic to them!

It's a Lot!

Can you break down what I get again?

Included in Initiate are the following experiences + courses:

  • Initiate is the principle 12 week group coaching container, with 2 online rituals, 8 live teaching transmission calls + spotlight coaching, plus 10 live sex magic practice calls. A Facebook group is also included;
  • The Orgasm Method online course, with 5 modules of stellar self-study content including 28 bite-sized instructional videos, 14 PDFs, and 27 audio practices plus bonus content;
  • Jade Power online course, with 6 modules of incredible self-study content including 28 bite-sized instructional videos, 14 PDFs, and 27 audio practices plus bonus content.

Julia Lally

If you decide to join, then I can't wait to welcome you into Initiate in the near future. We will get super deep, super juicy and we will have massive amounts of fun together. Plus there will never be a better price than today! So click the plan of your choice below and I hope to see you on the inside...

[Company name] CEO

Still on the fence?

If you're thinking "this sounds amazing but I'm still not sure" then. keep reading. Giving Initiate a shot is an incredibly good idea if any of the following sound like you:

You're sick of waiting for it to be your turn..

If you're putting everyone before you? It's probably time to stop.

You're pretty sure you can commit to practice...

30 mins a day, 2-3 times a week? If you think you can find this then you're in a great position to join.

You recognise there is no perfect time for this 

Honestly? Waiting for the perfect time is not the answer. In Initiate we purposefully create space in our bodies and time opens as a consequence.


We're Maia and Malu!

It was such a great experience to work with Julia. Her coaching is so insightful and the "aha" moments keep on coming.

She is a gentle powerhouse with a soft voice and a brilliant mind. So much knowledge gets dropped in one course - we highly recommend it to everyone!

You will find working with Julia is the gift that keeps on giving and it is amazing how many golden nuggets we still find when going back and revisiting her material over and over.

CEOs of Made Hot

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