EP17: Resonance and How to Elevate


In my online Temple, we talk a lot about clarity as a code to the feminine - and how you cannot have an empowered and turned on life without getting clear. 

So in many previous episodes of You Can Have It, I talked about coming out of the fog and how to stop using confusion as a default state. How to get familiar with ways of feeling our bodies through interception and proprioception. How to tune into desire - a base state if you like - to allow it to really anchor us in, with gravity, to our life’s purpose. 

We also went through the power of intentionality and sticking to your word - and how to marry desire with action and how that will keep you grounded and help the universe to meet you half way when it comes to having more of what you want...

In this week's episode we look at getting clear in our magnetism.

In other words, not so much as how clear we are within, but how our inner clarity resonates out in the world, and has the effect of magnetising into our worlds.

It's fascinating to consider. 

Tune in HERE.


Some snippets for your delectation below..



The Temple is my online membership offering that brings together women from all over the world to learn the kickass, graceful undoing that is true feminine power, and to unlearn what we have been taught thus far about our limitations as women.

Think collective spellbreaking.

Think the claiming of more, personally.

Think fun, love and online badassery..


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