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Pleasure Portal Bootcamp

6 Lessons

About this course

The Pleasure Portal Bootcamp is a 5 day mini online group experience designed to get your juicy back.

Think of it as a delicious initiation into the realms of the feminine path. A course to help you reclaim your life and to anchor into new, pleasurable habits that will change the way you relate and live. 

Curated to empower you to make the changes you want to see, in the least possible time, and to give you a taste of what’s possible when you enter the arena of pleasure.

Together, we get to help you learn to feel alive again.

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Course Structure


Welcome and Orientation

All the essential info you need to know to get the most out of this course for the next five days. As busy and often overwhelmed women, it is so easy to forget our pleasure is the best resource we have. This module explores the possibility of having your pleasure as a deep ally, and the transformation that can take place in your life as a result.


Sensual Pleasure

Women often report to me that they feel numb to their own bodies. They are barely feeling most of the time, and it's how they get through their days. This module proposes that we begin to get into relationship with what's really going on on the level of sense, and that we go for the quick easy wins every day as a way to make a difference. 


Safety as Pleasure

Do you often find yourself people-pleasing? Performing rather than receiving - especially in bed? Then fear not - because we are going to explore the "no" that exists in you and lives in service to your pleasure. Because you won't get to experience pleasure unless you feel safe. Conversely, you won't be able to receive pleasure if you make those boundaries too rigid either. We want fluid, desire-based power - not iron clad walls. This module explores what that means.


Legitimacy as Pleasure

Sweet Queen. Let me ask you a question...When was the last time you received something? Like - truly, deeply, unabashedly, out of control received?  In this module we get right to the heart of your blocks around receiving love and attention by practicing the art of having what you want.



Body as Pleasure

It is so common for women to feel afraid of their bodies. We routinely shut down and abuse ourselves by pushing our feminine bodies to meet the expectations of everyone and everything else. Let's start developing the relationship we have to pleasure in our bodies. This module will give you a practical exercise to start tuning into, moving and enjoying your body as a source of pleasure.


Sexual Pleasure

As women we are designed to receive sexual pleasure. This lesson will gently guide you into through a very soft practice designed to open your sex a little more. And goes into the reasons why this will be beneficial for you too!