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The tried and tested implementation plan to confidently curate your wild, free and unabashed feminine power – through the practice of orgasmic self-pleasure.


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Welcome and Orientation

Congratulations you are in The Orgasm Method! The Ultimate 5 Week Experience in Feminine Self-Pleasure. This module contains all the essential info you need to know to get the most out of this course for the duration of the entire juicy experience.

Welcome to the world of Orgasm as Power.

I can't wait to see how it unfolds for you.

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5 Lessons

WEEK 1: Let's Meet Your Orgasm

So many women say to me that they are convinced something is wrong with them. This goes deep into the female psyche and physiology - but nowhere deeper does this ring true than with their sexuality. This module will help you find your unique orgasmic blueprint, will really identify what the female orgasm is up against, and also help you find the key things your orgasm needs to flourish and grow.

Intro to the Module

Introduction to this week's module.

The Importance of a Pleasure Practice

Why practice is everything when it comes to your orgasm, how to set intentions for success, and how to find more space in your life easily.


You and Your Pussy are Normal

Reframing the female orgasmic experience and returning the ownership of your sexual potential to you.


Sensate Focus – Gathering Trust and Increasing Sensitivity

We start always with sensation as it is. Becoming orgasmic (or more orgasmic) is bottom line about learning to feel.

Nervous System 101

How your nervous system works and why it may be interfering with your sexual response. How to use your sex to begin to heal, plus a trauma toolkit to help keep you grounded in this experience.


5 Lessons

WEEK 2: The Art of Sex, Self-Love and the Clitoris

"It is really common for women to feel numb to their own felt experience inside. Sexually, this often shows up as low libido or lack of sensation. But - as in sex, in life. This module will bring you into direct contact some of the most sexually responsive parts of your body and allow you to create a relationship built on self-knowledge, self-love and self-trust. We'll explore your clitoris and vulva this week, and get to understand your erectile network in detail. Here you will learn what your sex is truly capable of, and you will learn how to access those parts of your anatomy to increase your capacity to feel - everything."

Intro to the Module

This week's introduction and orgasmic checklist.

Your Orgasmic Geography

Learn about all the different pleasure centres of your body. In this lesson we explore the full spectrum of your erectile network and how different sex feels when your entire network is aroused.


Loving Your Sexuality Unconditionally

What were the messages you were given by society about orgasm and your body and how can you begin to turn that round into self love?


Getting Cliterate

Let's play with the vulva and clitoris! 

Expanding Your Range

Opening up sensation to a whole new level by utilising the most sensitive organ in your body - the humble clitoris. And how to take ourselves away from mimicking male patterns of arousal by doing so.


6 Lessons

WEEK 3: Self-Consent, Crafting Containers and Your Vagina

"We examine the fawn response and how women often people please in order to stay safe. This includes the bedroom too of course - the continual focus on keeping others happy. We begin to understand the importance of boundaries and cultivating inner safety in increasing surrender to pleasure. Without your NO, you have no access to the fullness of your YES. This module is all about re-establishing a friendly relationship with what your body is trying to tell you moment to moment. Gaining insight into what it likes, and what it doesn't, so that you may learn how to finally listen to that, and then how to artfully articulate and curate sexual contexts that serve you."

Intro to the Module

An introduction to what is in store for you this week. Plus your orgasmic checklist for printing.


Learn the art of self-consent and how this is where all great sexual experience starts.  Play with the entrance to your vagina and remember the vestibular bulbs. Learn some entrance play techniques. 

The Art of Yes, No and Maybe

What exactly are boundaries and how will they increase sexual safety? We explore here how boundaries are an act of embodiment, and how practicing boundaries may increase sensation, and how to deal with that. Plus ultimately how good boundaries can open up your sexual YES in ways you might not have imagined.  We look at how to navigate and express your yes, no and maybe to others. And in particular, we pause on the maybe and the excitement of that edge - how to hold tension there. We also look at the fawn response here too. 

Creating Context That Builds Orgasm

Turns out that women all have sexual accelerators and brakes and that getting to know them can add a lot of power to curate enhanced pleasure in sexual experience. What's not to love? This is how structure and rules can help enhance your orgasm.

Vagina Valley

Okay let's cut to the chase. You want it. You want it now. Some tips for how to increase pleasure during penetration, plus some good pelvic floor and vaginal muscle squeeze and release exercises for exquisite turn on.

If Pleasure Feels Dangerous

Unfortunately, and especially in the cases of abuse or violation, sensual pleasure or sex can feel like a danger in and of itself. Women in this position have learned to create neural pathways that place pleasure and danger snugly together If this is the case for you - take heart. Healing is possible. But you will need to go slow. This lesson explores some ways you can help yourself learn to enjoy sexual turn on again and feel safe there.

5 Lessons

WEEK 4: Sexual Expansion, G-Spot and Squirting and Anal Play

"Life gets stagnant sometimes - and so does your sex. When we numb out in fear then we tend to follow our aversions more than our pleasures. We keep things nice and narrow. What happens to the wide open landscape of our sex when we treat it like a tame animal, rather than the wild force that it actually is? Well... our orgasm becomes habitual. And the trouble with habits is that - our attachments to them generally do not lend power to increased pleasure. And we begin to live the kind of life that always feels as though something is missing. So it's time to explore how far can we can take this thing. Where can you take this orgasmic exploration in your own body?"



Intro the to Module

An introduction to the juiciness in store for your this week, together with your orgasmic checklist.

Orgasmic Emotions

Why to avoid contraction based orgasms and how to expand instead. And how to use pleasure to pendular, and allow you to expand into emotional release. Never let your emotions curtail your pleasure again!

How to Break Out of Your Orgasmic Habit

This lesson covers how to orgasm without your usual tools, positions or fantasies. Exploring the key pillars of sexual expansion - breath, movement and sound. 

The G Spot and Female Ejaculation Explained

Ever wondered what on earth squirting is even about? Or how to know whether you can or even if you want to? This lesson covers the exquisite nature of the g-spot.

Your Adventurous Anus

How to explore the pleasure centre that exists in your anus. 

5 Lessons

WEEK 5: Sexual Alchemy and the Celestial Cervix

What does it mean to begin to live your entire life from a place of receptivity and fullness? How can you learn receptivity as power? What is magnetism and how is it possible to rely upon your turn on every day to get you into the flow? Is it possible that power is actually easy and nourishing to our systems? We finish with the bliss portal that is your cervix.  Penetrating to the deepest parts of both your empowerment and your orgasm."

Intro to the Module

Cervical pleasure. The art and craft of truly letting go.

The Cervix and the Vagus Nerve

Learn the importance of the vagus nerve and cervix connection to pleasure. Also how sounds and releasing the throat can amplify.


What is de-armouring and how can it help your orgasm?

Sexual Surrender and the Orgasmic State

How the cervix is intimately connected with surrender, and redefining the orgasmic state.



Reclamation of Eros as a Path

What your sexuality and pleasure can mean in terms of a life path and practice.

2 Lessons


All your bonuses in one place here. This material will be released gradually throughout the course.

The Wheel of Consent

A deeper dive into getting clear on consent and boundaries with Ruper Allison - a Betty Martin certified Wheel of Consent Facilitator.