Jade Power

6 Modules 10 Chapters 38 Lessons

About this course

Signature programme using the orgasmic art of the jade egg to energise and up level your sexual vibrancy, health and turn on. Learn the energetics of your pleasure and intensify power. 

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Course Structure

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JADE - Introduction 4 Lessons

Welcome – How to Navigate This Course

What you need to know before you start.

Jade Egg Essentials

First things first

Resourcing and Grounding

Your responsibilities when embarking upon sexual practice.

JADE PRACTICES - Grounding and Resourcing 3 Lessons

PRACTICE – Hip and Pelvis Breathing

A grounding and resourcing technique.

PRACTICE – Bone Breathing

A grounding and balancing resource.

PRACTICE – Comfortable Place

A grounding and resourcing technique.

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JADE - Getting Started With the Practice 3 Lessons

How to String Your Jade Egg

The practical stuff you need to get your egg safe and ready for use.

Pleasure Practices, Warm Ups and Foundationals – an Overview

Warming up and foundational practices are a big part of jade egg. 

JADE PRACTICES - Warm Ups and Foundationals 3 Lessons

PRACTICE – The Inner Smile

A practice to help transmute sexual turn on into good vibes and cellular healing.

PRACTICE – Breast Massage

The classic Taoist warm up.

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JADE - Deep Sexual Cleansing 5 Lessons

The Deep Cleansing Effects of a Jade Egg Practice

To expand and deepen your orgasm means to first explore what is not serving you and to let it go.

Understanding the Voice and Pussy Connection – Liberating Your Sex Through Sound

The powerful tool of using sound with your jade egg practice.

JADE PRACTICES - Deep Sexual Cleansing 4 Lessons

PRACTICE – De-Armoring the Vagina with Egg

A powerful meditation on how to open to even deeper levels of receiving pleasure.

The 6 Healing Sounds

From the lineage of Mantak Chia and Minke de Vos

PRACTICE – Womb Healing

A healing and nurturing meditation for your sexual organs.

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JADE - Sexual Energetics and Expanding Pleasure 3 Lessons

An Introduction to Sexual Energetics and the Jade Egg

How to begin to feel and work with sexual energy.

Taoist Energy Maps

Insights into the ancient wisdom of Taoist tantra and the jade egg.

JADE PRACTICES - Sexual Energetics and Expanding Pleasure 3 Lessons

PRACTICE – Ovarian Breathing

Building ovarian health with the jade egg and tuning into sex as creativity.

PRACTICE – The Micro Cosmic Orbit

Working with feeling, amplifying and moving sexual energy through the body.

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JADE - Building Pussy Strength and Health 3 Lessons

Physiological Benefits of a Jade Egg Practice

Many women come to the jade egg to help heal physical issues.

An Introduction to Vaginal Weightlifting

An overview of the various types of issues we experience as women.

JADE PRACTICES - Building Pussy Strength and Health 2 Lessons

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5 Lessons

Bonus Module

Find here your extra bonus videos!

BONUS 1: Voice Workshop with Cordelia Zafiropulo

Voice, pleasure and the connection between sound and sex with Delia

BONUS 2: TRE Workshop with Dianne Shepperd

How to use the wonderful resource of TRE to move the sexual energy through your body and complete any stress cycles that are dormant (but waking up) within your physiology as a result of your practice.

BONUS 3: Understand Your Pelvis with Julia Lally

We can really help our levels of sexual sensation by connecting with our pelvis and making sure we are using it well through the day. This video will help you understand sources of pelvic tension and how to create habits that help them release.

BONUS PRACTICE – North Star Meditation

Sex and purpose - a great way to begin looking at how you can progress to stage 3 of ORGASM. Where would you use your sex power to change or determine the direction of your life? Where is it needed now?