Jade Power - Basic

2 Modules 4 Chapters 13 Lessons

About this course

Signature programme using the orgasmic art of the jade egg to energise and up level your sexual vibrancy, health and turn on. Learn the energetics of your pleasure and intensify power. 

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Course Structure

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JADE - Introduction 4 Lessons

Welcome – How to Navigate This Course

What you need to know before you start.

Jade Egg Essentials

First things first

Resourcing and Grounding

Your responsibilities when embarking upon sexual practice.

JADE PRACTICES - Grounding and Resourcing 3 Lessons

PRACTICE – Hip and Pelvis Breathing

A grounding and resourcing technique.

PRACTICE – Bone Breathing

A grounding and balancing resource.

PRACTICE – Comfortable Place

A grounding and resourcing technique.

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JADE - Getting Started With the Practice 3 Lessons

How to String Your Jade Egg

The practical stuff you need to get your egg safe and ready for use.

Pleasure Practices, Warm Ups and Foundationals – an Overview

Warming up and foundational practices are a big part of jade egg. 

JADE PRACTICES - Warm Ups and Foundationals 3 Lessons

PRACTICE – The Inner Smile

A practice to help transmute sexual turn on into good vibes and cellular healing.

PRACTICE – Breast Massage

The classic Taoist warm up.