EP 1: Tasting the Apple


Welcome to Episode One of the You Can Have It podcast, I am really pretty excited to be beginning this venture. I love listening to podcasts and making them seem like a really fun thing to do. So I'm so glad that you're here. And we're going to go on this journey together, which ultimately, for me is really about helping you get more of what you want, whatever that is.


As a teacher of feminine power and sex, I speak often about how deeply conditioned we are as women to be ashamed of what it is we want - or ashamed of even wanting in the first place. Working with women to help them bring on board their natural, innate capacity to create then, is a hugely subversive job. And one that thrills me every day.


Because we are, as women, incredibly magical beings. That's my view of the world and of you as a woman. 


So it's not your capacity to create what you want that is holding you back then - it is that you have been lulled into forgetting how. You have literally fallen into magical slumber. It's largely not your fault of course - the layers of shame, dissociation, fogginess, lack of clarity, confusion. It's actually very socially acceptable to be confused as a woman rather than on the button of what it is that we actually really want. 


So you could even say you have been groomed this way - into your forgetting.


But it's time to wake up, Sleeping Beauty.


To help you to do this then, I'm going to talk a little bit about the feminine path in this episode, and how I landed on this as a spiritual path. And how I progressed, through practice and study, into eventually teaching it to women who wanted to get really, really good, at having more of what they want.

Of women who want their power back, essentially.

And how all this can help you do the same.

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