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When it comes to focussing on money spells, I want you to consider the possibility that you are casting spells at every single moment.

Your words, your actions, the looks you give yourself in the mirror and the looks

you give to other people. Your clothes. Your perfume. Your songs. Your smiles. Your laughter. Your reactivity and resentment.

You are constantly in communication with your own individual unconscious and with the collective unconscious.

You are constantly performing who you believe yourself to be, the social identity

the resonance money spell

You are casting spells every single moment of every day just through your state of inner being and how that is resonating out into the world. I have mentioned before that being angry will oft draw attack, right? It's the same with anything else. Being joyful will draw generosity and offers of help. Being in perpetual victimhood will draw the rescuers to the job.

The bad news is that this means you have great power over what you receive in life. The good news is this means you have great power over what you receive in life.

I often remind women within my 3 month sex magic container Initiate, that YOU ARE THE SPELL. 

Of course, working with sexual energy can greatly increase positive resonance - as it helps us soften and embody. And the world loves to respond to a fully embodied woman. (Just give it a try.)

So how might we increase our resonance with regards to money then?

Money as a Value State

I have talked about how closely the energetics of money are connected to pleasure in this article HERE. In other words, money is a feel good thing. It is a representation of that which we value. And we tend to forget this by either layering attachment or aversion on top of it. In itself money is a neutral thing, given meaning to by us humans as a exchange system for something we value or want.

Practical Instructions

To get yourself into resonance with money then and cast a resonance money spell, the instructions are this simple:

1. Journal all the feel good states that you value that you believe money will give you

2. Practice getting into them daily

3. As an added bonus - take yourself into situations with other wealthy people and practice there. 

4. Dress to feel like this, speak to feel like this, eat and move to feel like this. Become these things that money means to you at a subconscious level and sit back and wait.


the core beliefs money spell

Often when you try to elevate our state of resonance, the shadows will arise. This is difficult but also juicy stuff because it shows you what you have put in the way of you and money. Clearing these out, or as I say in Initiate "Cleaning the Lens", is a critical magical tool when it comes to money spells.

Practical Instructions

1. Write a letter to money telling it how you feel about it

2. Write down some of your core experiences with money to date - do you notice any patterns?

3. Collate some core beliefs you currently have about money from thre above exercises

4. Create a ritual space and burn the beliefs, stating the following mantra as you do.

want more? Listen to this week's podcast about money spells here

money spells that work

the action taking money spell

Money will magnetise to you if you are emanating a feeling state that you associate with the values that you are willing to trade money for.

But it also needs practical application. 

if you are, like me, a person who could easily sit and pontificate about magic all day long, without actually heading off into the marketplace to get real with it, then being really solid with yourself and your commitment to take action can unfreeze the stuckness in your life around money rapidly.

Practical Instructions

1. Write a mega money list - 100 ways that you could make or recive money today. Things you could sell. Ways it could miraculously arrive outside of the norms of expectation and defying reality. Gifts people could give you. Asks you could make. Services you could offer. Don't stop until you have written 100. And take an action on at least 2-3 daily until you've finoished.

2. Rinse and repeat.

the money spell bag

Have you heard of the popular spell to make a little charm bag? It's a super cute intention setting exercise as follows:

1. Create a circle of cloth

2. Find things that either represent money to you or that correspond with any deities you are working with.


If you believe, as I do, that there are benevolent forces continuously working for you and for the betterment of all life on the planet, and if you are akin to noticing this at work every day in the natural world, then it can be super power to make a connection with such a deity and to frequently work with noticing it's energetic presence in your life and calling upon it for prayer and help.

The truth is - you could make this mythical or magical, like one of my mentors who's totem for money manifestation is a dragon. Or you could make it classical - like Existential Kink author Carolyn Elliot who works with deities and Gods and Goddesses such as Jupiter or Venus in her spells. And casts using classical correspondences and planetary influences. Or you could go the more shamanic way, as I prefer. Noticing elements in my landscape and working with them.

For example, for me as I tune into the energy of wealth, abundance and the inevitability of money flowing my way, I noticed that opposite my balcony was a pine tree with a hornet's nest inside.

Now I notice the behaviour of these extraordinary creatures more and more. at first of course, I saw it as a fearful thing. Only to evolve into a kind of awe inpsired appreciation - for those little insects are BUSY. They may be the most industrious things I ever say. They work all day every day to make hay for their Queen as it were. At dusk they all buzz around fervently as though scanning the scene for danger before settling in for the night. 

I chose to not call the exterminator, as some might have.

But to feel them every day. And to imagine them working a resonant field that is also working for me. Tuning into a benevolent urgency that good things are being made for the Queen Bee, and if I notice, also for me. Every single day.

Likewise my mentor uses a dragon. I found this a little harder to connect to, I'll admit. Until one night where the loud freight  trains speed past my window all night long, instead of waking up in annoyance, I had a half waking half sleeping money of hearing them like dragons speeding by my bedroom window. Great, enormous, loud dragons. So big it takes them 3o seconds to fly by each time. In my dream state it felt as through they were flying around western europe gathering in the money gods and sending the fire my way.

Now. Obviously in the 3D they are freight trains.

But in the middle of the night, they became my faithful benevolent servants. And the rush of joy and anticipation, like actual real excitement about the money flow in my life, that I feel every night is real indeed. 

So if you find a totem - by noticing what is being made available to you in your reality right now - and tuning into the elevated resonance you feel when you see that - that is magic enough indeed.

Go dragons go.

the noticing money spell

Look for money. Pick it up. Thank your totem for providing. Ask for even more. Put it in your money jar on your altar. Pass it on. Keep spending it or giving it away. Money likes to see you as a responsible guardian - you don't just want to hoard it it will make things stale.

Remember the frequency of money is something you value - likely joy or happiness or turn on etc.

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