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What the Path of Feminine Magic Is

Get crucial insight into the ways that you can manifest more of whatever it is you want in your life, with ease and flow. Why feminine magic is not about candles, symbols, gothic clothing and broomstick riding, but about learning the key principles of feminine power and wisdom that we once knewso that you can get fully back into the creational driving seat of your life.

Why Your Pleasure is Such an Important Portal Into This Path

Specifically, the simple, key ingredients on how to work with pleasure reclamation in the face of sometimes many years of numbness and drudgery. We explore the benefits of pleasure in re-stabilising your nervous system, and in creating a foundation from which you can fly and create your dreams.

All the Ways in Which We Stop Our Feminine Power

Learn why you are experiencing stagnation and "good-girl-itis" in your life. And how to catch yourself out before you sabotage what it is you actually want again. Knowledge around the antidotes to feminine magic is important when it comes to not repeating old mistakes.

The Cyclical States of the Feminine 

Learn how you will descend and resurrect as a part of this journey, why that's unique and important to the Feminine, and the key stages you will go through as you do so. If you don't have this knowledge, you may try and resist the transformation!

Masterclass Dates

All masterclasses will run live from a private Facebook group on the following dates and times... 

Tuesday 7th February @ 21.00 CET 

Wednesday 8th February @ 22.00 CET

Thursday 9th February @ 21.00 CET

Friday 10th February @ 22.00 CET

(Lives will be uploaded into the group portal within 24 hours for you to catch the replay.)

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