Practical magic takes, well, practice.

There is nothing particularly woo about this fact.

Learn how to ground your desire and intention into the material realm. Use the Little Book of Practical Magic to bring your life into deep alignment with what it is you want to create, and watch that intention build through practical compounding and writing exercises. 

Magic works when you shine the light of attention on it.


A perfect guide to my Initiate course, or as a stand alone purchase. The Little Book of Magic will help you gain clarity on your intentions and bring them into being little by little every single day.

If you are a grounded and resourced human being, fascinated by your capacity to manifest, and suspecting that it may be waaaay greater than you even imagine, then the Little Book of Magic will help you turn that into a 3D reality.

practical magic

Earthed into the Wheel of the Year, purchase one copy for the quarter, or get the bumper pack for an entire cycle' worth of manifestation and power.

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