you can have it

With Julia Lally

A sex witch and advocate for your sensual self, a caller into being of your wild and deep. The You Can Have It podcast is here to help you if you are feeling stuck, or experiencing some kind of freeze around your power, and to open up your capacity for pleasure, connection and relationship so that you can reclaim your turn on, and rocket fuel your life. Happy listening!

What happens when we create space across diverse experiences to create connection, understanding and mutual power? Jada is Our Queen is a podcast series that was designed to do just this - by bringing women together from across the world to tackle tricky subjects with humour, compassion and insight. A series curated in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, Jada was a project set up with the intention of exploring the following complex questions:

How to find pleasure in diversity and stretch our comfort zones while staying connected? How to break down privilege in a way that feels good, and use our collective privilege to champion and cheerlead inspirational change makers from across the globe?

Jada was the exploration between Julia Lally, Chas Hines and Bernadette Martinez which aimed to dive into some of these complexities. 


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The Pleasure Portal Online Course

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💥 Fall in love with being a woman;

💥Remember how good it can feel to be in your body;

💥Amplify your sense of pleasure;

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💥Rocket fuel your turn on for life.

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