EP14: Power and The ‘Ceptions


I had a friend once who watched the movie "Inception" with Leonardo diCaprio - and the long and short of it is she almost had a nervous breakdown.

I took this as fair warning - I have no desire to watch movies about dark forces getting inside my head. In fact, I am not a fan of thriller/horror genre anyway. Being a sensitive, empathic type, sometimes I am horrified enough by a walk to the local grocery store.

In other words, my body produces states of fear quite easily, so I see no need to start helping it produce more.

Kind, sensitive soul that I am - I remember jumping a little at the term "interoception" then.

Was this not the beginning of some ugly, Hollywood mind-control inspired film script?

Turns out it wasn't that at all.

Turns out that "interoception" was a way of helping people with trauma and in dissociative states, to find some clarity and anchor back into their own bodies again.

By helping them understand what they are feeling.

A critical tool right?  In my world, feelings are necessary, and even a successful, way to navigate through life. At the very least - they anchor us in reality for the moment. Even if that moment is ever changing. 

If you've been following my podcasts, you will know that this month inside The Temple we are exploring the concept of clarity. As a code of power.

Episode 14 takes us deep into the world of knowing our bodies from the inside out. 

Plus we also get into another helpful term - "proprioception". Which I am very glad to tell you, is not even a remotely scary concept. Like, not at all.

Click HERE to find out more about both these terms, and how you can begin to learn them as skills to help you live your best life.

And whilst they don't sound sexy at all, rest assured that I will find the sexiness in them by the end of the pod.

'Cos that's my job.


Some snippets for your delectation below..



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Think collective spellbreaking.

Think the claiming of more, personally.

Think fun, love and online badassery..


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