How to Improve Your Feminine Intuition

Mirror, mirror on the wall

What is the greatest Feminine gift of them all?

(Answer: Feminine Intuition)

feminine intuition


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There are a lot of things about being a woman that I love.

Let's start with the irreverent. The flippant. The superficial and the all out vain.

I am a big fan of clothes.

Good clothes.

And whilst my budget cannot always stretch to the kind of outfit I aspire to, still my friend Elisabeth delighted me the other day when someone complimented my attire at a gathering. (I was wearing a dark emerald green linen jumpsuit, if you want to know. Baggy, yet in a sophisticated way. Loose in all the right places. Just like me lol...)

Elisabeth cooed into the conversation:  "Oh yes Julia is always SO stylish. She is the best dressed person I know."


So my point is yes - I like to look good, or at the very least to feel like I look good.

what else OTHER THAN feminine INTUITION?

I am also a massive empath. It sometimes comes to pass that I can feel what friends are feeling from the other side of the world. (This is a great gift for a coach, who can just sort of nuzzle into the exact right spot that needs nuzzling into with clients.)

Plus there's lots of other things. Like - oh I dunno - squirting for instance (what fun!!!!!) Or flirting. Dancing. The fact I have a cervix and it is a portal to the divine that lives in my own body. Paying attention to the details of a meal that delights the whole family.

I could go on.

But the one thing that delights me - in fact I would say anchors me - more than any other, into my love for being in a female body, is actually the relationship I have with my own knowing.

My intuition.

There's simply no beating it.


I don't know why, but I have an absolutely rock solid relationship with this intuitive part of me. (I actually always have. If something is off, I can normally smell it is off.)

One time in the States, I remember. There was this dude that had the air of having been inbred in the swampy forests. He was part of a gang who had met in the local youth hostel. And he was also a part of our group as we went for a hike in another (less swampy but more forested) part of the USA.

As chance would have it, the others stopped for a  beer without me noticing.

But Tenessee man kept walking with me. At some point I did look around and see that we were alone together. But not out of earshot, I could still hear my friends talking.

"Let's keep walking. Just a bit further.." said the man from Tenessee.

And here's the thing. It was like I had two parts inside battling for dominance.

My inner good girl was smiling (because she's always smiling) and saying: "Sure. Let's DO that!"

My intuition on the other hand? She was more blunt:

"Dude wants to rape you."

Matter of fact. Just like that.

"No let's go back" I said. Relieved that if I needed to scream I could still be heard by my companions.

Now, maybe I was wrong. But my point is, I wasn't going to chance finding out.

thankfully i listened to my feminine intuition

I was reminded of this story recently, as I read The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist.

In her book, the author tells a tale  about how she had gone to meet some tribes right out in the middle of the Senegalese desert - a truly barren and hostile land - as a part of a work project she was leading . The tribespeople were in dire need and having to move out of the desert and into the nearby town because their search for water had become fruitless.

When Twist met with the tribal elders, they discussed aid and transition into a different way of life.

However, when Twist was pulled aside secretly by the women of the tribe they appealed to her to listen.

'We have found an underground lake" they told her.

"It's near here but the men of the tribe will not allow us to dig for it. You need to help us persuade them."

The author was a little overawed.

"A lake? In the middle of this desert?" she asked. "How on earth did you find that?"

The answer of the tribal women was interesting:

"We feel it." They said.

And that was enough.

Because it is...

your feminine intuition can lead to the gold

Luckily, the author and her team were able to persuade the men of the tribe to let the women lead this time.

And so the women dug and they dug with their bare hand tools.

Deep into the desert dust.

And I think you probably know where this story leads....

Because what do you think they found?



The women had felt it.

Which is exactly what I am trying to say to you.

There will be things that you know. Because you know.

You won't always be right. (For example, I knew my father was going to die of cancer in 2022. When it turned out it was a totally benign lump and he had it removed and he's fine now.)

Gotta be wrong (and humble) sometimes, for sure.

But still....

You can listen to the data and follow the science and you can...

...still know what you know.


In fact, I love my intuition so much, that I decided to let you know how you might develop an even better relationship with your intuition too!

Yay!  You can find my top 3 practices for helping you to source into what you know you know (and maybe wish you didn't) but still it's irrefutable. You know it anyway. Good luck. And don't forget to let me know how you get on.

3 Fabulous Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Own Intuition


Get a Felt Sense Practice

The simple truth is that your intuition is felt. Right?

So if you're gonna develop a better listening practice and find your intuition more available to you, more often, then you're gonna need to be prepared to feeeeel more.

It is so often the way. With so many Feminine practices. You feeeeel more and you receive more and you can hear your intuion more and you orgasm more (oh okay that's another article HERE.) 


Record Your Dreams

This is one of my favourite and also most rewarding disciplines. Obviously, you need to carve out a little more time in the morning. Also, you probably need to be a fan of writing as it'll take a little effort from your hand muscle too. But writing down your dreams is an incredible treasure trove of inner wisdom and knowledge. Often, our subconscious will communicate with us in plentiful ways - especially if we tend to ignore our own soul in our waking life. So, if you are the kind of woman who constantly pushes yourself to do things you'd rather not? Then in all honestly your intuition may have stopped communicating with you readily. (I mean I wouldn't keep speaking either if a person wasn't listening.) 

Your dreams are less sulky and more generous. Sometimes they even scream to get you to notice.

Write, write and write it some more.

What do you think your inner world is trying to tell you?


Look Out For Synchronicities

I am the kind of person who loves to read into signs and signals in my outer world.

Contrary to popular opinion, this does not make me bipolar.

It makes me witchy AF.

Often something will happen in my external world, or a synchronicity will appear. Or, let's say a spirit animal I am paying attention to will appear in actual form. (Maybe not exactly the animal itself, for example I love the bear, but I am glad I don't meet them in the wild.)  But I might be called somewhere to a place that mentions the Bear (and I take this to mean I am on the right track.) Or there may be a picture and I may decide to follow that trail too.

Curious for you - what signs and synchronicities appear for you when you are listening?

(My clients love this practice and often message me when synchronicities start appearing. I take this as a great sign - they are beginning to know their own souls.)


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