Energetic Alignment

energetic alignment

life is energetic

Most of us are familiar with the concept of life energy by now. With Eastern traditions such as Tai Chi, Tantra or even just good old fashioned Traditional Chinese Medicine a part of our every days lives, consciousness and high street shopping experience, perhaps only the most luddite amongst us don't believe that energy exists.

Take my mum and dad, for example. To them, all that is seen is all that is real. Nothing else exists beyond human cognition and reference. 

In spite of my encouragement that they maybe try something a little psychedelic. Or even just my invitation for them to engage in a philosophical discussion with me along the lines of "what is the difference between a live tree and a dead piece of wood then, if not unseen life force energy?". (Like. Debate me on that IF YOU CAN!!!)

Still nothing intrigues them to show curiosity outside of their comfort zone.

"Shut up Julia" is the normal family response. "Pass us the Daily Mail. We're still mourning the Queen."

vibration as a choice

In my 20s this was a massive source of pain for me. I remember talking to them about my Cornish sweat lodge experience, or my reiki session at Glastonbury festival. And how they looked at me like I was an absolute freak of human nature. And it was a sad moment because somewhere we all knew we were lost to oneanother.

However, that was then. 

In my 50s now, I'm like "fair enough."

And my relationship with my parents is much better too.

Because life is a choice, after all.

And that's the beauty of the game in my opinion.

We get to make a choice in every moment. And every day we wake up we get to make that choice all over again.

If you concur, or are even "choice curious", then read on. Because today I am going to explore the depths of that choice a little more deeply. And give you some core things to expect along the path of getting into RESONANCE with what it is you want. (I talk about how resonance is key to your magic and why you might want to try it out HERE.)


what does it mean to be energetically aligned?

If I mention to you that the presiding quality of energetic alignment is a sense of flow, then surely just from the fact that you are a human being you will understand what I am talking about?

Maybe it was a drug experience? Maybe it was a time where you felt 100% like you belonged to your family unit or your friendship group? Perhaps an instance where you fell so deeplyin love with your surroundings that blessing after blessing after blessing fell into your lap? Maybe it was a time where you were transported by a piece of music? Or felt the wave was yours and that you were about to have the surf of your life 10 seconds before you actually caught it?

All of the above have happened for me. And many many more. Think clarity, being transparent and authentic in your dealings with people, think feeling nourished by others rather than extracted from, think feeling integrated and whole within. (All of these states of flow have been distilled into my 9 Codes of Power Series, if you are interested to know more.)

All in all then, the flow state is that state of being human that we all love and adore.

The good news, is that the flow state is a part of your intrinsic magical nature. And can be used for your magical (aka feminine power) pursuits too. When you know how.

want more? Listen to this week's podcast about energetic alignment here

aligned energy

how to achieve energetic alignment

There is a simple truth about empowering your life as a woman and getting into that place of your natural magic, where time collapses and you seemingly magnetise what you want there and then. Some itchy pieces to consider:

1) Your magnetism does not always bring you what you think it should.

2) Your magnetism does not always arrive exactly when you think you need it t

3) Your lack of alignment can actually begin to feel fairly brutal

Contrary to some schools of thought, whereby "all you have to do" is elevate your emotional resonance and be done.

In fact, there are practical considerations to consider.

If you believe that the universe is benevolent and totally wants you to have what you want (as I do), then it stands to reason that often it is you, and only you, that is getting in the way of the universe making an effort to deliver the goods.

Obviously, bad stuff happens and people are victimised at random I feel. AND. The definition of victimhood is about getting stuck, staying that vibration and continually renewing it from within.

As within so without. As above so below.

This is especially apparent if there are energetic patterns (think repeating life circumstances) that are happening to you. There just comes a day when you realise you are probably having a hand in all that disastrousness.

To my mind, this is where magic gets really, really gritty. And where it's really good to have someone or some people at your back too. (This is the essence of coaching right there.) 

source brings chaos so you actually get into alignment

It's like the ultimate spirutal workshop. The go death slide of actually going after what you want. Your resonance will get tested.

Because it stands to reason, that if you are actively participating and speaking your desire to Source, then if you are not acting, feeling or resonating in a way that is resonant with that reality you want, then the vrey best thing that can happen for you is that Source throws some chaos in your path to get you to notice the energetic discrepancy. Let's have a look at how that might pan out in practice:

Its like "Hey you! You say you want a nice guy, but see over here how you're smiling and having sex with anyone on the internet who'll have you? What say I throw you some really bad shit to see how it wakes you up to howy ou are personally violating your standards every time you login."

(Ouch. Brutal I know.)

Or maybe "Hey! You say you want money. But see how you're not paying attention to what's coming in and out of your account? See how you're braking your word to yourself and others around money all the time? How about I send you some really bad shit - like an eviction notice - so you have to get some ninja finance skills on board and then maybe you can handle the millions, right?"

(Ouch. Brutal. I know.)

getting energetically aligned takes practice

And so we get to the magical life.

very few of us can make a wish or manifest a desire instantaneously. I mean, it is possible, and there's nothing to say you can't. But more often, it takes some practice and focus. It is a gritty business, coming into energetic alignment, after all. Very much NOT woo woo, but rooted firmly on earth instead.

The first step? Is humility and the capacity to see where you are pretending it's "not your fault".

Of course, it ISN'T your FAULT.

But as a practitioner, I would say it is your responsibility to notice the patterns and to build the muscles to transcend them.

If you'd like some help, some practical techniques, a community of kick ass women, not to mention my laser focussed coaching to help you through this process, then you can register for the waitlist of my 3 month deep dive container HERE.

If you don't feel ready for that, then just start slowly by exploring:

1) what keeps happening?

2) what is in the way of what you want?

3) how might you be contributing to that with your behaviours.

Clarity is the first step to magic, after all.

you are invited


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