EP18: The Compound Effect


I remember hearing an analogy from Tony Robbins once. He likened the art of compounding to the small turn of a ship. If we turn that ship just a few degrees to the West, then in a short amount of time the different course it takes is barely noticeable.

However, let's say the ship continues on that degree turn to the West. 6 months later - the difference in it's course is incredible. It's huge. It means a whole different destination.

This is why the small, daily habits towards your intention - even if they don't seem to be paying much dividend in the short term - is an incredible skill to hone.

Thoughts beget emotions. Emotions beget actions. Actions become habits. And before you know it, you are well on track to getting what it was you wanted. Every choice is critical, when we look at it like that.

Conversely the same happens in reverse, right? 

If we come out of approval of the present moment, we make choices that lock us once again into a negative spiral. We repeat past mistakes. Sometimes even in bigger ways.

Bad things can compound us backwards as much as good things can compound us forwards.

Failing to approve of our current reality, can lead us back into a course that compounds a whole new destination in the end. One that we didn't actually want.

Getting into approval of what our game brings us day to day, is a way of ensuring we build only on that which serves us in the long run.

Try it! 

Say yes to what unfolds.

Be willing to embrace the feelings that accompany that - positive or negative.

And keep showing up. Build habits to tend to the minutiae. 

Keep going.

You can have it, brave soul.

Tune into this week's episode and find out more about how you can compound in the right direction of your dreams HERE.


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