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abundance and the energetics of wealth

Last week I had a detailed look into the idea of scarcity that pervades our western cultures so badly, and to such harmful ends. This week I thought it would be better if I focussed on it's opposite - what is abundance? And how can we bring more of it into our lives please? Yes. And thankyou.

First I thought it might be prudent explore the concept of abundance and wealth in the first place.

Let's start by asking you..

What is wealth to you?

Take a moment to journal. Go deeper and aim to dig under the obvious. 

Because if you're anything like me, you might start with things like "a million dollar year" or "non stop client enquiries" or even "a luxury hotel trip to the Amalfi coast".

But the truth is there is an energetic imprint underneath all of the above (or whatever you wrote down also). There is a feeling state.

Now write down what you think that is.


Right there?

Is your key to wealth.

is that it when it comes to the meaning of abundance?

Maybe so.

One of the things I teach women is how to have more of what they want.

This starts with understanding what it truly is we value in the first place. Is it the Lamborghini? The great body? Or is it the actual feeling these external things bring about?

Let's journal some more...

I'd love you to write some ideas down of what types of feeling states you actually really, deeply love. Don't be shy - you can really go to town on this.


scarcity mindset vs abundance mindset

There is a phrase I love to use in coaching which is that "where attention goes, growth flows". So in other words, whatever you focus on, you will see more of it in your life for sure.

This sounds like an easy thing to  master. But in fact, when you first start having a look at what it is you truly value and want more of in your life (aka your list above) it can actually be quite shocking how far removed you are from these states of being on a daily basis.

If you were to have an honest audit then, of how you spend your day. Approximately how much time do you think you typically spend in one of the above feeling states?

Eye opening, right?

It is the myth of scarcity that has us externalising these feeling states too. 

that time i fasted into living in abundance

Typically for me, it doesn't take me long to switch this around anymore. I have a really solid gratitudes practice. So much so, that I can generally turn round the doldrums and reclaim the potency of my own inner joy and happiness in a few simple, self-correcting steps.

It's a long time since I externalised my needs, if I am honest.

Still - recently I had an experience with fasting. And I felt called to write about this here because the outcome was so intense, and so connected to living abudantly even in the face of lack that it really made me think twice

You may or may not have experimented with intermittent fasting yourself, and if you have maybe you experienced something similar. But very recently, I was coming out of a 48 hour fasting window and I was reminded of a core truth around abundance and key to living more abundantly in my own life .

One of the most beautiful things I have found around fasting is how much it increases the intensity of your experience around food. This seems to me to be an actual effect we can use in life, connected to the spiritual life of being human, that has far reaching consequences around our abundance.

In other words, we can use ACTUAL scarcity as a tool to ameliorate not just health (as I was aiming to do in this instance) but also - crucially - of pleasure.

Sometimes I notice people eating. I find it actually upsetting to see people wolf down their food like a real life emergency is afoot - when 9 times out of 10 they just want to get back to their digital device. It breaks my heart, truly. It's like we reduced the entirety of life to a simple re-fuel. A necessary moment of consuming, rather than a slowed down episode of all-out enjoying.

Conversely, I find that when I actually deprive or limit myself, it can have the exact opposite effect of making me feel scarce. It can propel me into my own sense of living abundantly at hyper speed. 

The sensation of HAVING becomes tangible.

My recent fast was such a moment of perfection. I was just coming out of the fasting window and I made myself some bone broth. I fried up some mushrooms in butter, and put it in the broth with some high quality butter and a bit of tamari.

Honestly? The sense of abundance was like an explosion in my being. All I wanted to do in that moment was retire somewhere and grow herbs and vegetables and hunt meat and live with that kind of reverence minute by minute, day by day. 

With the embodied understanding that everything, in the end, is pure poetry. That everything is poetic if we slow down enough to truly experience it - even eating.

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wealth energetics

abundance is everywhere

And that the most poetic thing of all, is that there is enough of it. Everywhere. (Including money.)

Perhaps it is only when we face the pain of going without then, of the possibility of there not being enough, that we get to actually receive the bounty of what was actually available for us all along? (Including with money.)

Perhaps scarcity and abundance are intimately linked? And that the only way we can truly receive what was meant for us - life's grace and beauty and (insert your desired feeling states here) - is if we are willing to embrace the all of it?

In the end it's game I love playing. 

It's a life in constant discovery.

All health and abundance to you, one and all. 

want more? Listen to this week's podcast about wealth energetics here

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